Maria Teresa Ruta: "Affectionate Goria, I avoid him out of respect for my husband"

Maria Teresa Ruta: “Goria affettuoso, lo evito per rispetto a mio marito”

Maria Teresa Ruta talks about her relationship with Amedeo Goria: "He is affectionate with me, I avoid him out of respect for my husband"

Maria Teresa Ruta on Live – It is not D’Urso responds to Amedeo Goria who had said he wanted to get closer to his ex-wife. The host, a guest of Barbara D’Urso, has revealed that she keeps at a distance from the journalist, with whom she has been married for several years, out of respect for her husband Roberto Zappulla.

“I don't want to see him out of respect for Roberto – said Maria Teresa -. Because I believe that when one in life builds a new love life, a new love, I think it is also complex and difficult to make the new partner understand that there is affection. Every now and then Amedeo looks at me has special attention and I would like to avoid ”. The presenter then defined her husband "the cane of my old age". Barbara D’Urso then tried to clarify the situation, stating that Goria has no intention of returning with the Ruta. Maria Teresa herself said: “With so much affection for Goria, we are there, it is not something that Roberto asked me. In recent years we have never talked, if not for the problems of the boys ”.

In the same episode, Maria Teresa refused to confront Filippo Nardi. “I don't talk to him, because I haven't seen things yet -. I just wanted to see all the good things about Big Brother ”. The choice of the presenter was harshly criticized by Karina Cascella. "What nonsense – said the columnist -. Your daughter talks to us and you don't talk to us. Your daughter was paparazzi with him and you don't want to talk to him. Do you see how false you are? ".

Later Filippo Nardi also intervened: “All your behavior has been studied at the table in your head – he revealed -. Indirectly, unintentionally, you also caused my elimination. I said from the beginning that I have nothing against you. […] The night I left the house you told a lie, you said: 'You should have seen the other things he told me'. It wasn't true. You told a huge lie. I don't think I've done anything about him. Physically I didn't do anything, it was just a student spirit towards him who at this point was only pretending to sleep ".

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