Marica Pellegrinelli returns to live with Eros Ramazzotti. But there is no trace on Instagram


Eros Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli return to live together but separated at home

Eros Ramazzotti turns 57: the women in his life, including his daughters

Marica Pellegrinelli and Eros Ramazzotti would return to live together more than a year after the end of their marriage. For now they are separated at home but there may be new developments soon.

To publish the indiscretion is the weekly Chi. According to the magazine Marica and Eros would have reconnected relations and would have returned to live together, even if not as a couple. The two are officially single. Pellegrinelli has in fact broken up with Charley Vezza with whom she had had a love affair after she broke up with Ramazzotti.

Eros and Marica have two children, Raffaela Maria and Gabrio Tullio, and perhaps out of love for them they decided to re-establish an already very strong relationship (there had already been a rapprochement), bringing them to live again under the same roof, as stated on Who: "For now the two have broken the wall of silence and resumed living together as 'separated at home' at home and with a smile".

For Pellegrinelli, the last period was rather complicated, in fact she had tested positive for Covid after having undergone the swab, as she explained on social media: "I spent two days with a very strong headache, nausea and broken bones. No airborne problems ”. Now she is fine and has resumed her normal life as a mother and model.

For the moment Marica and Eros have not commented on Signorini's indiscretion. And on her constantly updated Instagram page, the model doesn't mention this return of her ex, albeit as a simple roommate. In fact, in the Stories Pellegrinelli shows the "list of things to do during the day" and there is no trace of Eros. Among the commitments there are of course the children, then the washing of Fury, his cat, promptly documented on Instagram, phone calls to the accountant, business meetings, the purchase of a couple of Christmas gifts, a tea with a friend and finally the workout. Eros is not mentioned, but perhaps precisely because they are separated at home and everyone has their own life.

The love story between Marica Pellegrinelli and Eros Ramazzotti began in 2009. She was just 21 years old and he was coming out of divorce with Michelle Hunziker. In 2011 the first daughter Raffaela Maria was born, in 2014 they married and in 2015 Gabrio Tullio was born. The dream ends in July 2019 when they announce the separation.

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