Mask lip makeup: here's how to make lipstick last without smudging

Mask lip makeup: here's how to make lipstick last without smudging

With the mask it is almost useless to put on lipstick because you risk smudging it. What if there were tricks to make it last a long time?

Sales of cosmetics have dropped in general, but, above all, as regards cream and lipstick products. For face cream makeup products, the drop was around 10% but, above all, there is an incredible drop in lipsticks, estimated at around 75% during the lockdown, as it continues to drop more and more.

This is because, of course, the lips are often covered by the mask which inevitably gets dirty using foundation and lipsticks. Therefore, more and more people, for mask makeup, prefer not to use foundation and choose a concealer only for the dark circles and forehead area, the only uncovered areas. For the lips, however, the most popular option is just a cocoa butter, to keep them hydrated.

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In reality, however, if you still want to use lipstick or apply it during an outing in which you know you can remove the mask, you can use some tricks, foresight and product to stem the problem of smudged lipstick and stained mask.

Banned cream lipsticks and glosses, green light for liquid lipstick

First of all it would be better to abandon creamy, comfortable but not long-lasting lipsticks, as well as glosses, which remain wet never drying on the lips. Better to opt for liquid lipsticks, with a matte texture, which dry and set on the lips, avoiding smudging and product transfer on the mask.

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Not all are the same, use products you trust. In fact, some liquid lipsticks, albeit with an excellent hold, are not super longlasting and the risk of getting dirty is just around the corner. Choose very fine and impalpable textures on the lips but with a full color, so as not to have to layer the product and avoid applying too much. As they may dry out your lips a little, scrub them before applying them. Also remember to hydrate them properly when you are not wearing lipstick.

Matte lipsticks yes, but with a little secret

If you really can't stand the dry touch of liquid lipsticks or you don't like this kind of product, a little trick could save the situation from mask smudging. Matte lipsticks already tend to have a better hold, but they are not no transfer, so they tend to print on the fabric. To overcome this problem, arm yourself with a tissue (a veil of toilet paper will also be fine) and place it on your lips, without pressing. Take some loose powder with a large brush and dab gently on the tissue placed over the lips. Remove the tissue and now your lipstick will have a much greater hold than the original. Seeing is believing! With this trick you can extend the "life" of your lipstick on the lips, even those that are a little more creamy and not completely matte.

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The real revolution are lip colors

The best product for this period, however, is undoubtedly the lip tint. It is often mistakenly confused with liquid lipstick, which is given the nickname of tint. In reality, the lip tints, as the name suggests, dye the lips, leaving them colored even if the product is not physically present on them. There are various types: some appear as glosses or glossy lip balms. Over time, by eating and drinking, the surface layer is removed, however, leaving the lips slightly tinted. Others, on the other hand, are applied to the lips, left to act for 5-10 minutes and then removed by removing or pulling them away like a skin.

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The lips remain so colored for hours and no danger of smudging or feeling of product on the lips or dryness. Even when eating, drinking or talking, the color remains fixed, without fading even in the case of oily foods. In the evening, then, removing most of the color, it is removed by lightly rubbing a cotton pad or, at the most, only a veil of color remains that will fade the next day.

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