Matilda De Angelis, the monologue to Propaganda Live that displaces everyone

Matilda De Angelis returns to the Sanremo experience, but the monologue proposed to Propaganda Live is not convincing and arouses some controversy

Matilda De Angelis, the sensual actress at the center of the mystery of "Undoing – The unspoken truths"

Matilda De Angelis was undoubtedly one of the revelations of the Sanremo 2021 Festival. She had conquered everyone, audiences and critics alike, for her spontaneity on one of the most frightening stages in Italy. And – why not – also for the looks shown during his participation in the event.

Because after all, since it has existed, the Festival has been above all an event of costume and as such, just as happens on the red carpets of cinema exhibitions or the most coveted awards, the protagonists' outfits are also evaluated.

One thing that Matilda De Angelis, who is an actress by profession, however, had not considered, at least according to what she herself said in the latest episode of Propaganda Live. Guest of Diego Bianchi – aka Zoro – the 25-year-old from Bologna held a sort of bis monologue, with a full seven-minute broadcast to respond to the haters and to those who had spoken (badly) of her during her performance at the Ariston. But not only.

In fact, the actress talks about how many have commented on the announcement of her participation in the Festival with the question "Who the fuck is Matilda De Angelis?", A question that she herself defines "understandable and legitimate", but to which she replies by suggesting to go to google before lashing out with that emphasis on Instagram.

During her speech, the young interpreter of Undoing was able to remove more than a pebble from her shoes against all those who had criticized her, but also from the magazines that continue to talk about her for things that, apparently, they don't particularly flatter her. An example? The fact that in the aftermath of his selfie showing his battle with pimples on social media, there were hundreds of articles on the subject online. One thing she obviously hadn't thought of, even though she is now a public figure and even though she herself wanted to send a message to the many girls in her situation.

Also regarding her recent interpretation alongside Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman, Matilda wanted to underline how there was more talk about her kiss with the famous Hollywood actress than about her performance in the series. A legitimate complaint if you are an actress. However, what emerged from the monologue to Propaganda Live is that, despite the ostentatious spontaneity, there is some form of haughtiness in his words and in the too marked sarcasm with which he responded to criticism.

It is sacrosanct to ask to be evaluated for one's artistic abilities rather than for the aesthetic aspect or for the elements of gossip, but from what world has it been a public figure, who moreover participates in a national-popular program like Sanremo inevitably involves some comment, if only on the looks. Complaining or wondering about such a thing in 2021 is not convincing. It is a bit as if Angelina Jolie is surprised that the media around the world comment on her dress at the Oscars. A stonaura.

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