Matteo Salvini is moved by talking about Francesca Verdini: "A jewel"

Matteo Salvini si commuove parlando di Francesca Verdini: “Un gioiello”

Matteo Salvini talks about his partner Francesca Verdini on TV and is moved: "A jewel"

Matteo Salvini is moved by speaking of Francesca Verdini guest of Today is another day. The leader of the League was interviewed by Serena Bortone, telling a lot about his private life, in particular the relationship with his young girlfriend. Twenty-eight years and a job as an entrepreneur, Francesca stole Salvini's heart after the end of the love story with Elisa Isoardi. An important love story that Matteo talked about during the interview, getting excited in front of Verdini's video message.

Francesca has in fact recorded a video for her partner in which she talks about their daily life: “Hello love, to give you this greeting I came to the roofs in the countryside, where I grew up – she explained with a smile -. I should list all the reasons I love you, but there are too many. So this is the opportunity to tell you what's wrong: the garden. He only made a tomato, fix it ". The clip moved Matteo Salvini who confessed: “If you wanted to stop me, you succeeded. I'm lucky. She's 28 years old but she's ahead, she's an extraordinary girl. It is not easy to take the Salvini package, but she has infinite patience and sweetness. I'm lucky because Federico's mother is an extraordinary woman, Giulia's mother is extraordinary, and Francesca is a jewel ”.

The relationship between a Francesca and Salvini is becoming more important every day, so much so that there has been talk of wedding several times. "Calmly, I have already done damage – clarified the politician -. I would not then come on television to say it. But we've been together for a year and a half already. I met her when I was 46, she was 26, but age doesn't make a difference if there is a head. She is number one ”. The leader of the League in the past has lived other important ties and is the father of two children, Federico and Myrta. “I have a little girl who turned 8 just yesterday – he explained – the male is 18. As a divorced I am not lucky enough to spend much time with them, so when we are together I can't stand if they are attached to the cell phone. It is one of the no that I often say to him […] I would like some peace of mind later on. I lose a lot of my children's life ”.

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