May God help us 6, Stefano De Martino in the cast: Elena Sofia Ricci comments

Soon we will see Stefano De Martino in "May God help us 6": the comment of Elena Sofia Ricci, the unforgettable Sister Angela.

There will also be Stefano De Martino in the cast of What God will help us 6. To reveal it was Elena Sofia Ricci, protagonist of the fiction in which she plays the role of Sister Angela. According to initial previews, the ex-husband of Belen Rodriguez will take part in some episodes of the fiction set in the Convent of the Angels, which this season will be transferred to Assisi. Ricci recounted the experience on the set with De Martino. “A bright and joyful guy – he told Nuovo Tv -, who immediately felt at ease in our big crazy family. We thus understood that the reason for his great success is precisely this great spontaneity and joy ”.

In the new season of May God help us there will be many news. The presence of Valeria Fabrizi in the role of the amazing Sister Costanza has been confirmed. Great return for Diana Del Bufalo, who will lend her face to Monica, the protagonist of a love triangle with Nico and Ginevra, played by Gianmarco Saurino and Simonetta Columbu. In the cast also Pierpaolo Spollon, fresh from the success of Doc – In your hands with Luca Argentero. The actor will be Emiliano, a psychiatrist who will fall in love. Finally, Francesca Chillemi will once again be Azzurra, determined to become a novice. It was the actress who told us about Tipsforwomens who gave us some anticipation. “The relationship between Azzurra and Sister Angela always remains the same – he explained -. Over the years they have built this very strong bond, based on love, where however there is a constant questioning and it will remain so. But that's normal, who always gets along? There are constant misunderstandings in life ”.

“We call her“ aunt ”, because she is a very young spirit – he added, speaking of Elena Sofia Ricci -. He is a very generous person, he gives us tips that are good for us, that help us improve not only on set. At first he gave me much more advice. But by now I know my character, as Elena Sofia knows hers, but of course there are scenes that are interpreted in one way and that maybe could be interpreted in another. Then she explains her point of view to me, as I sometimes do with her. It's a way to improve ".

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