Maybe you don't know, but your son chose you to be his mother

A special feeling, an unconditional love without limits. A relationship, the one between mother and child that cannot be explained.

The bond between mother and child is something special and magical that goes beyond the capacity for human understanding.

It is a relationship without limits, a connection that is established between the parties even before birth. It is no coincidence that the sixth sense of mothers, in relation to their children, is truly infallible.

Motherhood is a unique experience as it is all that happens after the birth of a child: he will make you happy, with his presence alone. To you, the task of teaching you life, this wonderful experience.

There will be days when probably the misunderstandings will take over, how can we not think about the adolescent rebellion we all experienced?

But your son will always love you, even when he apparently pretends that he is not, because his age and herd prevent him from doing so. Your children will never forget the special bond between you. Because they have been part of you and they know it.

They chose to grow with you and rely on every teaching, to follow that desire to discover the world through all the love received.

Children grow quickly and under the eyes of their parents: as children they turn into wonderful adults, but they won't do it alone. With them, always the heart and love of the mother, who in some way has also grown.

Between errors, falls and apparent distances, the bond between mother and child persists beyond time and space, breaking down any visible and invisible limit.

As mothers, you will teach your child to be happy always and to you, only that will be enough, a smile of his to fill your eyes and your heart with joy.
And you will be beside him, in the dark days and in those of light, teaching him however to walk alone, even if once, you did it together.

And your little child will follow you, listen to the advice and learn to become the wonderful man you imagined he was. Because he has chosen you, as mothers and has decided to rely on your unconditional love and that very special bond.

Whatever happens, you and your child will love you, above all things and without conditions, and this will be the most beautiful thing in all existence.

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