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Badoo is one of the most used dating sites: find out how it works and how much it costs to create an account

Badoo is a well-known online dating portal: it was founded in the early 2000s and is now used by more than half a billion people around the world. Badoo's goal is to encourage the creation of new friendships and, for some people, even meeting the soul mate they have always dreamed of. Here's how to sign up and how it works.


  • How does Badoo work?
  • How to fill out a profile on Badoo?
  • How to Dating on Badoo?
  • The Live feature on Badoo
  • Is Badoo free?
  • The benefits of Badoo
  • How to unsubscribe or deactivate Badoo?

How does Badoo work?

Badoo is a dating site that helps meet new people, creating new friendships and encouraging a meeting with a soul mate: this social network can only be used by people who prove to be of age. This portal was founded in 2006 by the Russian entrepreneur Andrei Andreyev and has achieved extraordinary success in a very short time.

The first step in installing Badoo is registration, which can be done from both desktop and mobile, by downloading the app which is usable for both iOS and Android. After connecting to the site or app, you must indicate your gender and the purpose of the registration. After filling in the various text fields, you must specify your name, surname, date of birth, city and email address and then you can proceed with creating the account. Those who wish, to speed up the registration procedure as much as possible, can do so by pressing the "Login with Facebook" button or using the login data of other social networks.

At this point in the procedure, you have access to the main Badoo screen and you can fill out your profile by specifying some important information about yourself. The inclusion of the photo is very important and it is advisable to opt for an image that portrays you with your face uncovered and without the presence of other people. To upload the photo you can click on the item "Increase Popularity" and select those present on your PC or smartphone or import them directly from social channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

How to fill out a profile on Badoo?

Once you have uploaded your photo to Badoo, you can use the service and complete your profile. Those who do not complete the profile will be unlikely to be contacted by other people. To fill in the profile, it is advisable to describe yourself, both on an aesthetic level and in terms of hobbies and professional path: the more pertinent and sincere information is entered, the more chances of being contacted by other profiles to start an acquaintance.

How to Dating on Badoo?

Once the profile creation part is over, you can start getting to know people. You have to press the "Meetings" item to find people compatible with you. For each profile that is displayed it is possible to express your very positive, positive or negative opinion, through dedicated icons. To meet people you can use the "Search" section where all the profiles closest to geographically are collected: personal information of each is visible and it is shown whether they are online or not. The "Meetings" section, on the other hand, presents the complete profile of the people registered with Badoo who are selected by the algorithm on the basis of the interests expressed.

After opening the profile of a person of your interest, you can view various information and decide whether to get in direct contact by clicking the "Chat now" button. Among the various functions proposed there are: insert the person in the list of favorites, to contact him at a later time, send a virtual gift by clicking on the "three dots" button or, in case of annoyance, report and block by clicking on the respective items " Block ”or“ Report ”.

In addition, Badoo allows you to view the users who have viewed your profile: just click on the items "Visits" and "Who likes you" to have a list of those who have viewed your profile and voted for you.

The Live feature on Badoo

In 2018 a new feature was introduced for users on Badoo which is that of live. With the Badoo live feature you can broadcast live videos to tell what you like and who you are. The content transmitted can be seen by all subscribers who will have the opportunity to interact more immediately and quickly. On the other hand, those who prefer to take advantage of this function as a spectator can do it: just go to the Live section of Badoo and see the most popular live shows of the moment. Many people have revealed that they met through this tool that has the power to break virtual barriers.

Is Badoo free?

Badoo is a free service, but offers several paid features. Badoo Premium is a paid service in subscription mode, which allows you to access the following features:

  • find out who likes you;
  • activate the invisible mode to see the profiles of other users without letting them know that you have done so;
  • cancel the last vote, that is, cancel the "no" you indicated during the match game;
  • contact the most popular users or newcomers to Badoo first.

This platform also offers a ranking system because through the compilation of the profile and interactions, it allows you to be more or less popular. Consequently, those with a popular profile are more visible and therefore can be visited more frequently, conversely it happens for those with a less popular profile.

To climb this ranking, you can buy virtual credits with real money: Badoo credits can be used in different ways, such as sponsoring your photo, texting with multiple users, meeting more people and more. Here are what they are specifically:

  • climb the peak that allows you to climb to the top of the list of people presented to other users;
  • spotlight that ensures that the profile is seen by everyone in your geographical area of ​​reference;
  • promote the photo to highlight your best photo;
  • more views to make your profile show more often in the dating game.

The price for the purchase of these credits varies depending on the package that is purchased. At the level of actions, Badoo explains that using credits it is possible to obtain numerically 3 times more messages, 5 times more visits, 10 times more visits and matches, 3 times more matches and 4 times more likes.

Alternatively, there is a second paid method that guarantees high visibility on Badoo which is that of the well-known Super Powers. In this case it is necessary to subscribe to a subscription that guarantees immediate benefits: discover the people who want to know you, who has added you to the list of favorites, get to know new subscribers to the service, etc. This service can also be tried in a free version by inviting your friends to join Badoo via email.

The benefits of Badoo

Badoo is a platform among the most used for those who want to make new acquaintances, here are its main advantages:

  • boasts a very high number of subscribers in many countries around the world and in recent years it has been the most downloaded dating app in Italy;
  • the app, usable on both iOS and Android, can be used at any time of the day and wherever you are, favoring the birth of many new relationships;
  • the system of notifications of likes and messages is reported in real time, just like in any social network;
  • there are verified profiles, as in the case of Instagram, which have a blue check This is an incentive to start a conversation via chat: to get the blue check you must connect your Badoo account to the instagram account with a photo or with your mobile number.

How to unsubscribe or deactivate Badoo?

Anyone wishing to delete their Badoo account can do so very easily. Just click the little man icon and then the Settings section and the Account item. In the new screen that opens, at the bottom, there is the link to proceed with the definitive deletion of the profile: click "Delete account" and the "Continue" button.

Deactivating your profile on Badoo is a temporary and reversible action: in practice you decide to take your profile private, so that no one can reach you. The procedure to follow is the same as the cancellation one only that at the end you have to click on “Hide your account” and then on “Stay” on Badoo.

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