Meghan and Harry, the role of Eugenie of York at the beginning of their story

Meghan and Harry, the role of Eugenie of York at the beginning of their story

Meghan and Harry went to great lengths to keep their romance a secret, but Eugenia leaked the news.

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At the beginning of their dating, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did everything they could to keep their romance a secret. But Eugenie of York played a fundamental role, because, although unwittingly, she leaked the news.

Despite flying across the Atlantic to see each other, Meghan and Harry barely left their homes when they were together and ordered food from their favorite restaurants instead of going out to avoid being spotted together.

Only a few family members and a few close friends knew their stories. Harry and Meghan, however, were unable to keep their relationship under wraps for very long: on October 31, 2016, while attending a Halloween party in Toronto, the Prince received a call from one of his Kensington Palace aides, informing him that the press was preparing to publicly reveal his relationship with Markle.

According to the couple's new book, Finding Freedom, the leak was caused by someone working for Harry's cousin Princess Eugenie. According to the authors of the book, journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand "The Sunday Express would have revealed their relationship because it was warned by an employee of Eugenia and her father, Prince Andrew".

Eugenia then, albeit involuntarily, found herself involved in the revelation of the story of Harry and Meghan. Among other things, the Princess, who is very close to her cousin, will certainly not have liked the behavior of her employee.

In fact, Harry and Eugenia grew up together, because Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson often spent their holidays together when their children were children. Over time their relationship became stronger and stronger: as reported by Scobie and Durand, “Eugenia has always been more than just a cousin to Harry. They are best friends. Among all the Queen's grandchildren, Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry have a sincere bond. Like Harry, Eugenie is loyal, honest and very funny ”.

"Harry has always confided in his cousin when it came to the women in his life," reporters said. "Not only did he trust her blindly, but friends said she gives great advice because she has always been wiser than her age."

Eugenie of York was one of the first people in the Royal Family to whom Harry spoke about Meghan, and that would have made the leak even more painful for her. "Eugenia, who has long wanted to see her cousin happy, told friends that she loved Meghan and thought she was perfect for Harry," Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand revealed.

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