Meghan Markle and Harry in crisis again. "A useless existence, in self-exile"

Meghan Markle, Harry è intrappolato: i segnali che lo rivelano

Harry would be in crisis again with Meghan Markle and the royal expert tells of life in the USA: "A useless existence, in self-exile"

Meghan Markle and Harry would be in crisis again after the move to the United States which, according to The Telegraph, would have jeopardized all the certainties of Lady Diana's second son. Megxit was particularly hard on Harry who left England to move to America. Today he lives in Montecito with his family, in a fourteen million dollar mansion where, however, he would not have found complete serenity.

To reveal it is Hugo Vickers, a royal expert, according to whom Harry is still experiencing a deep crisis. In fact, his life is in Great Britain and the prince would feel in "self-exile", away from friends and family. "A useless existence, in self-exile – said the expert to The Telegraph, speaking of Harry's life in America -. From his family, from the army, from friends. It would have been nice if Harry, during the coronavirus emergency, had applauded the British National Health Service like his brother William and Kate Middleton did. "

Vickers refers to the short train tour organized by the Queen for the Cambridge in order to thank all the people who have worked hard to overcome the Coronavirus emergency. During the isolation of the Sovereign, Kate Middleton and William took the reins of the Crown and, according to some rumors, Diana's eldest son asked his brother to return to London, but received a clear refusal. Also, Meghan Markle would have been blocking Harry, determined to build an existence with him in California. The couple has recently signed millionaire contracts with Spotify and Netflix, but Harry's thoughts are still going to England, where he has left all his life.

"Just think of his military experiences or the Invictus Games, which were hugely successful," recalled the royal expert, according to which the prince would not be as happy as he wants to suggest. On the contrary, he would still be looking for his size and this would have repeatedly put his relationship with Meghan Markle in crisis. "Love wins over everything", the two repeated in the first podcast for Spotify (in which the real star was Archie) and certainly this time too.

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