Meghan Markle and Harry in crisis: things go wrong and they always fight

Meghan Markle and Harry in crisis: things go wrong and they always fight

Meghan Markle Harry's wedding is said to be in crisis despite rumors of a second pregnancy. The two no longer get along and are frustrated

Meghan Markle, new life in Los Angeles

Meghan Markle and Harry would be in crisis. The projects they hoped to carry out after the farewell to the Royal Family are not going as they hoped and there are many difficulties they have encountered in setting up their new life as private citizens.

There are many things wrong, starting with the new brand, Archewell, which has been rejected for taxes and inaccurate documentation. Then Harry seems unable to adapt to life in Los Angeles, he misses friends and his father Carlo. Meghan would like to return to her acting career and dream of a film with Brad Pitt, the Prince would prefer a more withdrawn life, oriented towards beneficial activities, following in the footsteps of his mother Diana.

In short, many divergences also arose between the couple. And despite rumors that Lady Markle is pregnant for the second time, sources close to Sussex revealed to New Idea that the two "continue to fight and constantly clash." "Things are going badly," comments the insider. The move to Los Angeles, the huge outlay for the new mansion would have created significant tensions.

Meghan feels frustrated because she hasn't seen her plans yet. He hoped to get back into the star system more easily and quickly, but this was not the case also due to the ongoing health emergency. "Meghan is the type of person who thinks nothing can stand in her way, even a global pandemic," said the source.

Add to that that she feels responsible for the fact that Harry can't settle, but above all she can't stand that her husband prefers home life with Archie and the dogs, rather than thinking about business, complaining that the Prince doesn't try to enter contact with potential partners for their new association.

Always according to the source of the New Idea, Meg would continually criticize Harry and complains that he married a Prince "who makes no difference". For his part, Harry has withdrawn more and more into himself. Luckily Doria Ragland, Markle's mother, supports her son-in-law who can therefore count on her, especially now that she has moved to their villa. "Doria knows that her daughter is inclined to freak out when things don't go according to her strict plans and identifies with Harry."

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