Meghan Markle and Harry plan a reality show. And the Palace does not comment

Meghan Markle and Harry plan a reality show. And the Palace does not comment

Meghan Markle and Harry will do a reality show where they will show the world their true image. Frost from the Palace

At Meghan Markle and Harry's house: inside the $ 11.2 million super-luxury villa

Meghan Markle wants the world to see what it really is. For this, the "simple" role of producer for Netflix is ​​tight. Now she plans to do a reality show where the protagonist will be her, of course with her better half, Harry. If a year ago the Prince complained about the intrusion of the media into his private life, now he himself will be the one to open the doors of their homes. As they say, Harry went from the frying pan to the fire.

So the Sussexes like the Kardashians. And if Kanye West aims for the White House, Meghan seems to follow suit too. After all, the video for Time 100 can be considered a proof of what could happen if Lady Markle went into politics, supported by her husband who, however, appeared not quite comfortable talking about elections.

Since Harry and Meghan have signed the millionaire contract with Netflix, the two never stop. And every day they unleash new projects, all obviously very profitable. To reveal the reality plan is the Sun that publishes the statements of an insider close to the couple who ensures a class show: "Meghan wants to shed some light on her life". And he adds: "Harry and Meghan have many ideas for producing documentaries on environmental care and for fighting poverty, but Netflix will want something from them in return." And so, here is the idea of ​​the reality show.

It seems they will be followed by cameras for three months, but it is still unclear if they will be filmed in their super luxury villa in Montecito. The show should mostly showcase their philanthropic activities, but they will also reveal something more private. "Meghan hopes the world will see the real her."

The news of the reality show was not commented on by Palazzo who did not release any statement. The Royal Family seems to have definitively distanced themselves from the Sussexes, by now the cold has created between the two sides. Even when Harry and Meghan were heavily criticized for their intervention in the American elections, Buckingham Palace dismissed the matter by saying that the Duke of Sussex no longer works for the British monarchy, so all his statements are made as a private citizen.

Instead, royal commentators intervened, such as Ingrid Seward, director of Majestic Magazine, who defined the attitude of Harry and Meghan "hypocritical", since they have always claimed to have left the Royal Family due to the interference and pressure of the media in their private life. "That's exactly what they said they wouldn't do, the more they talk about themselves, the more people will want this."

Public relations expert Mark Borkowski was more positive about them: “Viewers will be interested to see what they're doing, but there has to be authenticity. They have a great plan and they are carrying it out, but on their terms ”.

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