Meghan Markle and Harry quarrel with neighbors after the purchase of the mega mansion

Meghan Markle and Harry quarrel with neighbors after the purchase of the mega mansion

After the move to the mansion paid for millions of dollars, Harry and Meghan would be in an argument with the neighbors and in trouble with their finances

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Meghan Markle and Harry would already be in a quarrel with their new neighbors after the purchase of the mega mansion in Montecito, California. The Sussexes have moved for the umpteenth time after moving to the United States in the hope of finding some peace in the town inhabited by international celebrities and stars. However, it seems that their expectations were soon disappointed. The reason? The neighbors would be furious because of the constant incursions of the paparazzi in search of news about Meghan and Harry. A real invasion that would have already provoked heated protests and quarrels.

As TMZ reveals, helicopters would roam at least 4 times a day on Montecito, while paparazzi would invade the streets of the quiet town. "Their mere presence drives people crazy," said a witness. “Most of the locals are super annoyed – explained a source-. He wants the paparazzi to loosen their grip because the situation is getting to the point where everyone's privacy is compromised. The royal couple is also attracting tourists. We are told that many visitors are showing up in town and asking local shopkeepers if they have seen Harry and Meghan ”.

Among Harry and Meghan's neighbors are international stars and movie stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Carol Burnett, Jane Lynch, the Kardashian sisters, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey and Rob Lowe. “The locals are preparing for the worst – reads TMZ -. They are waiting for Harry and Meghan to finally venture into the streets of Montecito and fear what might happen ”.

A big problem for Harry and Meghan who are dealing with yet another clash with the Queen. In fact, the couple's agreement with Netflix did not please the Royal Family, which has always tried to keep a low profile regarding the Megxit. The disputes with the neighbors could jeopardize the Sussex's stay in Montecito, where they invested millions of dollars to buy a mansion with the help of Carlo (who chose the latter between Kate Middleton and Meghan) and a very high mortgage . A further move could jeopardize the couple's finances already in trouble due to Elizabeth's request to repay the sums used to renovate their home in England.

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