Meghan Markle beats Kate Middleton: I spent 55 million on her wedding

Meghan faces the tabloids. Harry furious: "So I lost my mother"

Meghan Markle beats Kate Middleton on slippery ground, that of crazy expenses. His wedding cost $ 55 million to his hand

Meghan Markle still beats Kate Middleton and this time the ground of contention is the decidedly exorbitant expenses of the duchesses.

The well-known site has in fact decided to place the amount spent by numerous VIPs at the wedding under the magnifying glass. The result? Meghan surpasses all, even Kim Kardashian and George Clooney.

On May 19, 2018, Harry and Meghan swore eternal love in the chapel of St George, in the majestic Windsor Castle. A romantic ceremony, but above all an expensive one, which has kept millions of viewers glued to the small screen.

But few know that those weddings were among the most expensive in history. All the "guilt" of the banquet for the guests, which came to cost $ 700,000, of the imposing security measures and of Givenchy's wedding dress that was worth $ 450,000. The total? Well 55 million dollars.

Much more moderate Kate Middleton, who on April 29, 2011 married William in Westminster Abbey. His white suit by Alexander McQueen, with a long train and lace, cost $ 434,000, while the flowers that adorned the church and the streets had cost as much as $ 800,000. Despite this, the marriage of the Duchess of Cambridge cost much less than that of her rival, about 34 million dollars.

Exorbitant numbers before which the mad expenses of VIPs and Hollywood stars seem to be nothing. In 2014, for example, George Clooney spent $ 4.6 million to marry Amal Alamuddin, swaddled in a splendid Oscar de La Renta dress, in Venice, between exclusive locations and a luxury reception. A few years before it was the turn of Kim Kardashian, who to swear eternal love (but the wedding ended two months later) to the champion Kris Humphries, spent 10 million dollars.

That Meghan Markle was a woman who spares no expense had been clear already from her Baby Shower, which cost 100,000 euros and was celebrated in New York. While in the two weeks of touring with Harry in Australia, the Duchess of Sussex had invested 150 thousand euros in her wardrobe.

A very different attitude from Kate who, following the example of Queen Elizabeth, has always focused on a moderate lifestyle and far from the Hollywood glitter that, apparently, still attracts the beautiful Meghan.

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