Meghan Markle embarrassed: his half-brother attacks Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle is in trouble again, this time because of her half-brother, who attacked Kate

New troubles (embarrassing) for Meghan Markle, who at this time is facing, once again, the attacks of her family.

After his father and half-sister Samantha, it is the turn of his half-brother, who has decided to take on no less than with Kate Middleton. According to Thomas Jr, in fact, the family of the Duchess of Cambridge would have been treated much better than that of Meghan, although she is not impeccable. As we all know, the only relative of the actress invited to the wedding was her mother Doria Ragland. The half brothers and the father were excluded from the ceremony due to some vitriolic statements and the scandal of the photos sold to the tabloids.

According to Thomas Jr, Queen Elizabeth would have reserved a very different treatment for Middleton, who was given a royal crest to use. Not only that: Kate's uncle, who in the past had problems with justice, was nevertheless invited to the wedding ceremony in 2011. All this did not happen to the Markles, who instead were removed from the Royal Wedding and which, perhaps even for this, they continue to release interviews with the poison against the Crown.

The man accused Harry and his family of never having invited Meghan's relatives to Kensington Palace, even when the engagement was announced. One thing that instead was done with the Middleton, who immediately had access to the Court. "I don't see why our family is different," he told the Sun. They could have involved us a long time ago, as soon as they announced their engagement. "

Besides, just like the Markles, the Middleton are also commoners. Carole and Michael, Kate's parents, have been employed as hostesses and British Airways aircraft inspector respectively. Later they made their fortune by founding Party Pieces, a company that produces party items, in which William's wife worked for a short time. The family also owes its wealth to the money received thanks to a trust fund inherited from Michael's grandmother, the aristocratic Olive Christiana Middleton.

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