Meghan Markle finds her style: she enchants with her yellow dress and does not resist Harry

Meghan Markle finds her style: she enchants with her yellow dress and does not resist Harry

Meghan Markle no longer fears Kate Middleton: she is splendid with a dress for over 1,400 euros. But he still makes a mistake with her husband Harry

Meghan Markle, yellow dress and wide shoes for Commonwealth leaders

Meghan Markle is simply charming at the meeting with the youth of the Commonwealth held in London. She is increasingly self-confident and no longer afraid of Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Sussex has astounded with the canary yellow sheath dress, signed Brandon Maxwell, the designer who dresses Lady Gaga since 2012. An essential dress, with clean lines that enhances the features and the complexion of Harry's wife. Cost? Over 1,400 euros (which are added to the million for his wardrobe). A good amount, however, because Meghan literally shines.

But above all he seems to have found his Lady style, without having to resort to imitations of his sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

The outfit is completed by some suede décolletée, obviously of a larger number, to avoid unpleasant swellings and painful blisters. The wide shoes have already become a must for the Duchess who even on this occasion does not resist the charm of her husband Harry.

Still contravening the protocol, Meghan searches for the Prince's hand. This time he does not withdraw it, as he did during the ceremony at Buckingham Palace in the presence of Queen Elizabeth, although he tries to minimize the gesture by hiding his hands behind his back.

Lady Markle is very much in love with Harry. He can't take his eyes off the Duke. Among them are just smiles and sweet caresses that they don't give up even when they represent the Court.

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