Meghan Markle, Harry no longer looks like him. Rob Lowe's testimony

Harry no longer looks like a prince: his neighbor Rob Lowe surprised him with long hair and a pigtail

Long hair pulled back into a ponytail and the usual full beard, this is how Prince Harry would present himself now according to the testimony of his neighbor, Rob Lowe.

A decidedly more unkempt and less “princely” look for Queen Elizabeth's nephew, who doesn't seem to mind his wife Meghan Markle. In fact, since they moved to their splendid Montecito villa, she too has adopted a less refined and constructed image than when she was the Duchess of Sussex.

To reveal the transformation of Harry is as said Rob Lowe. The actor, now 56, told during the Late Late Late Show that he saw the Prince while he was driving in Montecito and explained: “He lives about a mile from me, but he is very isolated. Seeing it was like seeing the Loch Ness monster. I was finally able to see him driving the car ”.

Therefore, even in the USA Harry and Meghan do everything to maintain privacy, obviously it is difficult to meet them on the street even if you live a few steps from them. But what is surprising in Rob Lowe's story is the way the actor described the Prince. In fact, he revealed that everything happened very quickly but: “It seemed to me that he had a ponytail. It seemed to me that her hair was long and pulled back with a tail ”.

At this point, presenter James Corden, who attended Harry and Meghan's wedding in 2018, urges Lowe: “You know what I think? You haven't seen Harry. " Also because recently Harry has shown some receding hairline. But the actor is sure of what he saw, also because: "I followed the car to find out if it was entering the house".

So, there seems to be no doubt: Harry has opted for a more casual look, perhaps because at the moment he has no public commitments, not even on video. It is also true that the rumors coming from America speak of a Harry not completely accustomed to his new life, more inclined to stay at home with his son Archie than to go out to sign millionaire deals, such as those with Netflix and Spotify, advocated more from his wife Meghan than from him.

The last time Harry was spotted he was wearing jeans and sneakers while handing out food to the needy. The photos were taken about two weeks after the Sussexes went to the Los Angeles Military Cemetery to honor war dead, it was last November. Then he apparently locked himself up in his $ 11 million mansion and never came out. This is why it is “a rarity” even for its neighbors.

But it is almost certain that when he returns to London, the pigtail will disappear. Elizabeth could not tolerate this too, it certainly would not be a hair worthy of a prince.

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