Meghan Markle, Harry refuses to go back to England for Christmas

Meghan Markle, Harry refuses to go back to England for Christmas

It seems that the couple and little Archie Harrison will celebrate an American Christmas, the second away from the royal family

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Meghan Markle and Harry will not return to England for Christmas, apparently the couple has decided to spend the holidays in the house in Montecito with little Archie Harrison. According to what was told by a source at Vanity Fair, it would seem that the news of the arrival in Frogmore Cottage of the second son of Charles and Diana is not true. In recent days there was in fact talk of a possible return to England of the Duke of Sussex, recalled by Queen Elizabeth after the declarations on the presidential elections made with his wife.

But apparently, new sources reveal that the long-awaited return may not happen, at least until after Christmas. To weigh on the decision there are undoubtedly the issues related to the global pandemic, which would impose a quarantine, but the royal expert Katie Nicholl wrote in Vanity Fair that it would also seem that Harry and Meghan are happy to spend their first American Christmas in the house of Montecito.

The reasons for having to return, however, are not lacking. Meghan Markle should in fact attend the legal proceedings against Associated Newspapers. If there are no changes, the trial should be held in person and kick off on January 11, 2021. Considering the quarantine days after the trip, the couple could arrive in England in time to celebrate New Year's Eve.

If the plans confirm what Royal family experts have revealed, then this would be the second year in a row that Meghan and Harry spend away from Sandringham and the royal family. Already in 2019 they had celebrated him away from the Queen and more precisely in Canada, in British Columbia.

A distance, however, which, apparently, is not intended. In fact, a source would have explained to Newsweek that the couple would have already returned if there had not been all the problems and travel restrictions related to Covid – 19.

So it would seem that Harry's return to England is not as imminent as it was only speculated a few days ago when a source revealed: “The staff at Frogmore Cottage and Windsor have been told to prepare for the possibility that Harry might return. It could be within a few weeks, but Meghan's name hasn't been mentioned. ”

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