Meghan Markle, legal strategy collapses: private letter written with the help of the Palace

Meghan Markle, legal strategy collapses: private letter written with the help of the Palace

Meghan Markle could lose the case against the British press. New accusations emerge about the letter written to his father, Thomas Markle

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The legal strategy of Meghan Markle is weakening when she sued Associated Newspapers, editor of the Daily on Sunday for publishing a private letter she sent to her father. Now it turns out that Harry's wife wrote that letter with the help of Buckingham Palace staff.

In this way, the accusations that Meghan has made to the British media of having violated her privacy for having made public a private and confidential letter that she sent to her father Thomas would be canceled. Lady Markle therefore moved legally because she claims that the publication of extracts from the "private and confidential" letter violated the law on the protection of sensitive data and copyright. It also seeks damages for the misuse of private information, contained in five articles published in February 2019.

However, from the court documents it emerges that the letter addressed to Thomas Markle was not written only by Meghan but she would have asked the help of the Palazzo staff to draft it. Therefore, the letter would not be "an intellectual creation". If this were proved to be true, the case would skip.

Attorneys for the Associated Newspaper say the letter was "copied" from an electronic draft and that the Kensington Palace communications team "helped draft" the draft.

The documents read: "It is up to the applicant to prove that it was the only person who contributed to the drafting of the draft. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the defendant infers that Jason Knauf and / or other members of the Kensington Palace communications team contributed to the drafting of the electronic draft “.

The Associated Newspapers claims that Meghan leaked the details of the letter to the press through some friends and that Lady Markle was satisfied when five friends had confided and People to defend her, citing the famous letter.

Harry's wife meanwhile took a first win by postponing the lawsuit for almost a year. In fact, a 10-day trial was supposed to be held next January in which Meghan would probably be called to testify. The decision to postpone was made despite Thomas Markle's poor health. The man had declared to the court: "None of the males in my family lived over 80 years. I could die tomorrow. The sooner this process takes place, the better ”. Thomas Markle now lives in Mexico and has explained his health problems in detail.

Meanwhile, Meghan lost another court battle to block claims that she collaborated with the biography's authors, Finding Freedom, Carolyn Durand and Omied Scobie. The latter, who worked closely with the Sussexes for several years, recently came out in defense of Harry for the Palace's refusal to lay a wreath in his name in memory of the military who died in service. To the point that the Sussex have decided to commemorate the Armed Forces with their own special ceremony in Los Angeles.

Meghan's attorneys fiercely denied that Markle collaborated with the authors, even calling some passages from Finding Freedom "inaccurate and the fruit of creative license" in an attempt to remove her from it.

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