Meghan Markle pregnant with twins: Harry possibilist. And the two reappear in surprise

Meghan, twin birth? Harry's sentence would confirm the hypothesis. The two return to the public in surprise but are very tired

Meghan Markle, big belly in view with Smythe's blazer

Meghan Markle and Harry reappeared in public after the reception for the 50th anniversary of Carlo's investiture as Prince of Wales.

The two gave a motivational speech to a very young audience at the SSE Arena in Wembley, London. Among the spectators there were also Naomi Campbell and Nicole Scherzinger

After leaving the brocade look worn at Buckingham Palace, Meghan presented herself with a blue Smythe blazer, skinny jeans and black tight-fitting t-shirts. And of course high stiletto heels. The Dukes are more and more close-knit and she leans tenderly on his shoulder, without worrying about the court protocol.

But Harry and Meghan appeared rather tired and tried. It may be that the last month of pregnancy and the concern that the baby may arrive at any moment prevents them from relaxing.

Among other things, during the celebrations for Carlo, the Prince gave an ambiguous sentence that seems to confirm the twin pregnancy. It is rumored that two girls are coming, one of which will be called Diana. And this would justify the anticipated birth and the excessively rounded shapes of Meg.

In fact, as reported by the Mirror, a guest present at the Palace joking with Harry about the need to rest well before the happy event, since then he and his wife will spend many sleepless nights, the Prince replied that he will need them, especially if they are two . A statement that makes it almost certain that two royal babies are traveling.

Harry and Meghan's tiredness could also be determined by tensions with William and Kate Middleton, who were also present at Buckingham Palace. The two couples almost ignored each other during the event. Only the two brothers exchanged a few jokes with each other. It seems, however, that William is unable to forgive Meghan for having spent his crazy baby shower in New York.

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