Meghan Markle returns to the public after the birth of Archie: how to dress

Meghan Markle returns to the public after the birth of Archie: how to dress

Meghan Markle will make her first public appearance after her son Archie's presentation at Trooping the Color. Here is his look

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Meghan Markle shows itself again in public. The occasion is Trooping The Color, Saturday 8 June.

It is the first time that the Duchess of Sussex returns to show herself, after having introduced her son Archie to the world, born last May 6th. The presence of Meghan at the celebrations for Queen Elizabeth's institutional birthday is mandatory, despite being on maternity leave. Even Kate Middleton, after giving birth to Louis last April, had interrupted her leave to attend the important event of the Monarchy.

It seems however that this time Meghan has not opposed the Court, loving to show herself as a member of the Royal Family. Among other things, last year the Trooping The Color was the first real monarchical commitment in which he took part, appearing terrified on the other.

According to Joseph Johnson, Lady Markle's maternal uncle, he revealed that she loves this type of event. Indeed, as a child she prepared herself to be the center of attention and her work as an actress helped her in this. Doria's brother Ragland added that Harry's ex-girls suffered from so much media exposure, but contrary to Meghan's a lot. And this aspect of his character was also confirmed by his mother.

Thus, the Duchess of Sussex will be beside Harry on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, strictly behind William and Kate Middleton, to enjoy with Queen Elizabeth the parade of 1400 soldiers, 200 horses, 300 musicians, followed by the show of the RAF planes.

The unknown, on the other hand, concerns the look. Almost certainly he will wear a Givenchy suit, the brand he chooses for more formal appointments, including his marriage. The outfit includes a hat, an accessory that Meghan doesn't particularly like. The colors will be light, usually pastel and range from light blue to pink, but white and cream are not excluded. Meg could also opt for a soft shade of green, one of her favorite colors.

On this occasion, most likely, we will not see Archie. But it may be that there is the cousin Louis, third son of William and Kate, who is now 13 months old.

Harry and Meghan Markle at Trooping The Color 2018 – Source: Getty Images

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