Meghan Markle, the beautiful gesture on the occasion of Mother's Day

Meghan Markle, the beautiful gesture on the occasion of Mother's Day

To celebrate Mother's Day, Meghan Markle and Harry have decided to make an important donation

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Just as the eyes of the whole world were on her, thanks to the video message with which she participated in Vax Live, Meghan Markle celebrated a Mother's Day in the name of solidarity. In fact, she and her husband Harry made a beautiful gesture, on the occasion of the annual anniversary that wants to pay homage to all women who have had a child – or who are pregnant.

Through their Archewell Foundation, which supports various charitable projects, Meghan and Harry have made a large donation to Harvest Home, a charity for homeless pregnant women. The association, by posting a message of thanks on Instagram, has made known the commitment of the Dukes of Sussex revealing how their charitable gesture helps to provide diapers, cleaning products and other essential items so that mothers and children are welcomed under his protective wing can truly be celebrated all year round, and not just on Mother's Day.

The surprise for Harvest Home was double: in addition to the donation, Meghan Markle sent the institution a written message in her own hand. "As a mother and pregnant woman, I deeply appreciate the significance of community support, resources for a safe and accessible pregnancy and reliable guidance in an educational context" – reads the letter from the Duchess of Sussex – "These ingredients are essential not only for our physical health, but also for our mental well-being, and I congratulate you for leading a charitable community that lives these values ​​”.

And again: “Thank you for all you do for the women and mothers who have been removed from everywhere else, through no fault of their own. When we consider how vulnerable a mom feels during the delicate period of pregnancy, we have a perspective on how particularly difficult it can be for pregnant women of color and those from communities with insufficient resources. I hope you will accept an offer of support to further help Harvest Home residents. "

Meghan and Harry's beautiful gesture comes at a very special moment in their life. Over a year ago they moved to the United States to start a new chapter away from the Royal Family, giving up their royal duties. And, while their eldest son Archie has just turned two, they are expecting a girl who should be born in early summer. Just a few days ago, Harry opened the highly anticipated Vax Live event and his wife Meghan intervened with a video message talking about the baby on arrival, showing her great emotion.

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