Meghan Markle turns 40: Kate Middleton's icy gesture

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Meghan Markle turns 40: the icy wishes of Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II

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Meghan Markle turns 40, but it is above all the icy wishes of Kate Middleton that are discussed. The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband have decided to wish Harry's wife a happy birthday in a new way. Instead of dedicating a post on Instagram to the former actress, they published a simple photo in the Stories with wishes that will last just 24 hours and then disappear.

A choice also made by the Queen and which clearly and unequivocally indicates the distance between the Sussex and the royal family. Gone are the times when Harry and Meghan appeared happy in public events and to remember those moments are the photos chosen by the Sovereign, the Cambridge and Charles who posted photos taken from the Royal Tour of Sussex.

Today those moments are just a memory. Harry and Meghan are now far away, in the United States, and determined to live their life away from the Crown. Not even the birth of Lilibet Diana, named in honor of the Queen, has managed to bring the Sussexes back to the Royal Family. William, on the other hand, cannot forgive Harry for turning his back on his family, releasing hot interviews like the one with Oprah Winfrey. Carlo was so hurt by his son's accusations, that he said he was left alone after Diana's death, that he didn't want to meet him again.

If the Queen opted for a more diplomatic attitude towards her grandson, all the coolness of the royal family was clear during Harry's trip to London for the unveiling of the statue in honor of Lady Diana. The prince remained only a few days in England, flying to Los Angeles with his family soon after. The only one who still seemed willing to give the Sussexes a chance was Kate Middleton.

In recent months, the Duchess had sought contact with Meghan Markle several times, but the latest gesture on the occasion of her sister-in-law's birthday seems to mark a return of tensions. It is not yet clear what happened, certainly between Meghan and the royal family is still open war. This is demonstrated by the coldness in the birthday wishes and the choice to give as little importance as possible to this anniversary.

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