Meghan Markle wears the polka dot shirt! Here’s how to recreate the look!

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle spotted with a new look, and is immediately on the hunt for style! The unique style of the Duchess of Sussex has struck again! Here is the CheDonna style guide that will show you how to recreate Meghan’s outfit in a few steps!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were spotted at the Santa Barbara Polo Club, and what we all expected happened. Thing? We were struck by the style of the Duchess of Sussex. What was Meghan Markle wearing? And how can we copy it while keeping up with trends without spending a lot? If these are the questions you want to find answers you are on the right style guide, because today, here on CheWomanwe will see how to create looks similar to those worn by Meghan that reflect your personality!

Meghan Markle

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Nobody creates trends like them, the royals. The, and especially the, belonging to the royal families are always taken as a source of inspiration in the world of fashion. The style of the royals is considered trendy, even when it is not.

Today the protagonist of this branded style guide CheWoman is Meghan Marklewhich as we all know has a unique style that drives all fashion lovers crazy.

But Meghan did it again: she wore a look that literally drove the web crazy. Which? Let’s find out together!

Meghan Markle and the look that drove the web crazy: polka dot (or polka dot) blouse, white high-waisted pleated shorts and pointed sling back!

When we see a look on social media that we like, we must always be able to recreate it while remaining faithful to our personal style. So let’s take a cue, but always insert our personal touch!

Meghan Markle

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Meghan Markle at the Santa Barbara Polo Club she wore a long-sleeved blouse with a black base and white polka dots, a wide shorts with pleats at the waist up to above the knee, and a pair of black, pointed toe and low stiletto heel sling back shoes.

How to recreate Meghan’s look?

  • polka dot t-shirt and jeans: simple and always effective, to be closed with an espadrille shoe
  • polka dot shirt and yellow trousers: classic and casual, also perfect for the office, is the combination of the blue and white polka dot pattern with yellow trousers
  • polka dot dress: for lovers of the 50s style there is nothing better than the long white dress with black polka dots, to be closed with a black belt at the waist and a black sandal. By the way, they are Kate Middleton’s favorite shoes, and will become ours too!

Meghan Markle

Photo from Pinterest

Did you like this style guide? Then I’ll meet you next time! In order not to miss all the news in terms of fashion, and more!

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