Meghan Markle, William and Harry talk to each other again. Waiting for a second Royal Baby

Meghan Markle, the first Christmas present she gave to William

Meghan Markle and Harry are trying to have another baby and reconnect with William and Kate Middleton

At Meghan Markle and Harry's house: inside the $ 11.2 million super-luxury villa

William and Harry started talking to each other again, they resumed contact every day during the Christmas holidays, it seems that they can hear each other every day in video calls. But according to real-world experts, their relationship will never go back to the way it was before.

To reveal this turnaround in the relationship between the two brothers, permanently compromised last year when Harry and Meghan decided to resign from their posts within the Monarchy, is Katie Nicholl. Speaking on Entertainment Tonight, he talked about how relations between the Sussex and the Cambridge have become more relaxed during the Christmas holidays.

"There were phone calls and video calls during the Christmas and New Year holidays and the Sussexes sent gifts to the Cambridge and vice versa," said the expert who explained: "It was an opportunity for both families to date, albeit virtually in a very chaotic and demanding year ".

Indeed, Meghan Markle and Harry's decision to leave the Royal Family and Britain to move to Los Angeles and completely change their lives shook Buckingham Palace and forced the Sussexes to radically rethink their lives. Among other things, Meghan lost the child she was expecting for a miscarriage last July, as she herself said. And this terrible experience marked the couple, but also those who are related to them, first of all William and Kate Middleton.

Moreover, the Cambridge have had to support the Monarchy in these difficult months in which the pandemic is raging. William himself tested positive for Covid, after his father Carlo, and precisely to avoid throwing further despair in his subjects he kept the disease hidden until last autumn.

Katie Nicholl remarked how things are much better between William and Harry: “Last year these days they could barely speak. William was so frustrated and disappointed that he did not even go to lunch with the Queen, but went to Sandringham only for the meetings ”, a summit in which the terms for the separation of Harry and Meghan from the Royal Family were established.

The reconciliation of William and Harry is taking place in time for the arrival of a new Royal Baby. In fact, Nicholl admitted that the Sussexes would like to have a second child soon, it would be their greatest wish: "They would love to give Archie a brother, they are trying to have another child".

The miscarriage experience has thrown Harry and Meghan into despair, as Markle herself recounted in her article for Time, but they never gave up hope of having another baby. Moreover, according to reports from New Idea, when Kate Middleton was informed of what had happened to her sister-in-law, she immediately got in touch with her to support and comfort her.

So soon the Fab Four could reunite. According to the Daily Mail, the meeting could take place on the occasion of Trooping the Color.

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