Meghan, when will Archie be baptized (and the queen will not be there)

Meghan, when will Archie be baptized (and the queen will not be there)

According to the latest rumors, the date of the baptism of the little Archie Harrison would have been chosen, but the Queen has already made it known that there will not be

New appointment for the Royal Family and yet another (albeit justified) absence of the Queen. The next 6 July could be the date chosen by Meghan and Harry for the baptism of the little Archie.

After a long wait, therefore, the Royal Baby could reappear for the first time on the public scene (or almost) next Saturday. After his birth, in fact, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not show him in any family outing – except for a photo published on the occasion of Father's Day -, perhaps waiting for the day of baptism to finally present the little Archie to the whole world. A much awaited event, which rumors describe as a rather intimate ceremony, with just 25 guests, which will take place in the Chapel of San Giorgio, the same in which Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have sworn eternal love, and where even the father of Archie was baptized in 1984.

The place of the ceremony would seem to be one of the few certainties concerning the baptism of the Royal Baby. Together with the absence of Queen Elizabeth, who will be engaged elsewhere on 6 July and will therefore not be able to participate in this family meeting. Confirmed instead the presence of grandfather Carlo (Prince of Wales) and the Duchess of Cornwall, the splendid royal couple William and Kate, and then also of the maternal grandmother Doria Ragland, arriving directly from the United States.

And if the names of the guests seem to be almost certain, the same cannot be said for the godmother and the godfather of the little Archie. Someone is rumored that tennis champion Serena Williams, who is taking part in the famous Wimbledon tournament this week, and beautiful Jessica Mulroney, Meghan's close friend, may have both been taken into consideration for her role as godmother. And what about the godfather? Mark Dire, very close to Prince Harry, and Markus Anderson, a close friend of the couple, are the most popular candidates for this role, but until next July 6 there seems to be nothing certain.

Anyone alongside the Royal Baby, one thing is certain: the ceremony will follow the traditional royal, with the Archbishop of Canterbury baptizing Archie using the water of the Jordan River. And like the cousins ​​George, Charlotte and Louis, she will wear the traditional Windsor baptism dress: a (perfect) copy of the Honiton lace dress that Queen Victoria commissioned in 1841 for the ceremony of her first daughter, Princess Victoria. The dress was then worn by as many as 62 Royal Babies (for over 160 years), until Queen Elizabeth decided to commission a replica to safeguard the integrity of the original.

Everything will happen according to tradition, except for the publication of the photos of the ceremony, which usually take place on the same day as the baptism. Meghan and Harry, on the other hand, seem to have decided to spend some time before showing the photos of the event. In any case, next July 6 we will have confirmation (or not) of what was said, assuming that this is really the date of Archie Harrison's baptism.

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