Melania Trump brakes Donald and is ready for divorce: the ex-friend intervenes

Melania Trump brakes Donald and is ready for divorce: the ex-friend intervenes

Melania Trump would be counting the minutes to divorce Donald. But the former close friend denies everything: "They are made for each other"

Melania Trump is gorgeous in a black dress but is cold with Donald

Donald Trump has lost the election and his wife Melania, even before leaving the White House, is ready to divorce after 16 years of marriage and various gossip about tensions, lovers of him and her, angry gestures in public and so on. has more metta.

Fortunately, to clarify the imminent divorce, the former close friend of the now almost ex First Lady, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, thinks about it. As Rai News reports, she said: "They are not divorcing. Honestly, they are made for each other ".

To trigger the new rumors of the separation, would be the revelations of Omarosa Maigault Newman, actress, television personality and American politician, who in the book Unhinged, tells what happens in the private rooms of the White House. The author assumes that Melania Trump is ready to cut and run. It would even be: "Counting the minutes after her husband leaves the White House in order to get a divorce".

It seems that the two are ready to leave as early as January. Maybe that's why Melania stops her husband's boils from staying in the White House despite Joe Biden's victory and on Twitter breaks the silence: “The American people deserve fair elections. Any legal, not illegal, vote should be counted. We must protect our democracy with total transparency ”. A lukewarm and neutral message that doesn't seem particularly supportive of Trump.

Rumors that Donald and Melania are about to divorce have been chasing each other for months, if not years. In 2017, Lady Trump was said to have a lover, none other than Tiffany's security guard at Trump Tower, and that is why she did not immediately settle in the White House. Even the Tycoon knew everything. Then in 2018 it was the turn of the rumors leaked from the book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House according to which husband and wife live as perfect strangers and everyone does what they want. And they've been sleeping in separate rooms for years.

In 2019 Melania Trump plans to change the terms of the divorce but specifying that she has no intention of leaving her husband. Meanwhile, Donald, in the middle of the presidential campaign, falls ill with Covid, probably transmitted to him by the beautiful councilor Hope Hicks, unleashing the anger of the First Lady for the too close proximity of the President to his assistant.

They should not be forgotten all the times that Melania refused to shake Donald's hand in public, of his icy attitude even during the last debate with Joe Biden, of how she never hid her disagreement on anti-migrant policy and how she has intervened even now against her husband who insists on wanting to appeal and not to leave the White House, even though it is evident that he was beaten by his opponent.

Despite all the signs of crisis, Melania still hasn't packed her bags. If anything, as ex-friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff always reveals in the book Melania and Me, from which the First Lady has obviously distanced herself, Mel's real enemy is Ivanka Trump, she would like to be separated from her.

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