Melania Trump doesn't call Jill Biden and hushes up rumors of divorce

Melania Trump doesn't call Jill Biden and hushes up rumors of divorce

Melania Trump breaks tradition and doesn't call Jill Biden, acting like her husband Donald. Her coolness silences rumors of divorce

Melania Trump and Jill Biden, style comparison between the first ladies

Melania Trump follows in the footsteps of her husband Donald and apparently has not yet contacted Jill, the wife of Joe Biden, the one who will succeed her as a tenant in the White House. The attitude of the First Lady was read as a sign of perfect harmony with the Tycoon and would silence the rumors of an impending divorce. But let's proceed in order.

According to reports from the Daily Mail and CNN, Melania is acting exactly like the Tycoon which does not recognize that it was defeated in the Presidential elections by Biden and therefore is hindering the handover in every way. It seems that Lady Trump is therefore following the line drawn by Donald and his staff are more committed to composing the agenda with daily routine commitments and planning the upcoming holidays, rather than preparing the entry of the new presidential couple.

Yet four years ago, the treatment accorded her by Michelle Obama, the then outgoing First Lady, was quite different. In those days Michelle invited Melania for tea and showed her to visit the White House. It may be that Trump's wife is not comfortable with Jill Biden who has already made it known that she would like to reconcile her teaching profession with the commitments of the White House. If she succeeds, she will be the first First Lady to work while her husband is busy ruling the United States. Or that the cold and detached character of the former model is also reflected in an unwelcoming attitude towards the one who will soon take his place.

Certainly Jill Biden will change many things. It is believed that like Michelle Obama and Laura Bush, she will have a larger staff of at least 25 than Melania's small team of only 10 assistants to carry out First Lady-related activities.

However, the American media are more likely to believe that Melania is supporting Donald Trump in his struggle to retain power. If so, the behavior of the First Lady would collapse any hypothesis of divorce, which has already been questioned by Stepanie Winston Wolkoff, a former friend and author of the hot book, Melania and Me, who reiterated how Melania and Donald are made the for each other and we have no intention of separating, not even when they move out of the White House.

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