Melissa Satta and her son with Covid: "High fever and fainting, it was hard"

Melissa Satta and her son with Covid: "High fever and fainting, it was hard"

Melissa Satta confessed on Instagram that she was infected by Covid, together with her son Maddox, and that she had spent two difficult weeks, with a high fever and fainting. Now she is fine and heartens the fans

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

Melissa Satta was also infected by Covid. She too, like many celebs in recent weeks, revealed it after healing on social media, telling her experience and reassuring fans.

“Finally some great news has arrived, both Maddox and I have tested negative. Yes, because unfortunately we too were infected, we spent two weeks locked up at home, I haven't talked about it before, I wanted to live this moment in privacy "

With a series of Stories on Instagram, in fact, the showgirl confessed to having been very bad, and to have spent two weeks of nightmare. Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, she said: "Now both Maddox and I (the son of Boateng had, ed) are fine, even if I must admit that it was not a walk: it is not said that if you are 34 years old like me, you will face Covid as a normal flu. Unfortunately for me it wasn't like that ".

The showgirl then also told of being infected during a weekend in the countryside with a friend and children. It was her friend who warned her that she was ill and Melissa also tested positive for the tampon: "It seemed incredible to me because in the morning I had trained very intensely and I was full of energy. Then, on Monday night, the fever rose to 39 ”. Her son Maddox also tested positive and so he was able to spend isolation with her, both away from their father.

"Maddox was fine, I a little less, because I had a fever of 39, cough, antibiotic … I am a little weak, but now I am recovering and I am with you! It was not easy to be locked in the house for two weeks. Honestly I was going crazy, I couldn't move. A week I was always in bed because I was very tired, on the tenth day I was able to see the light a little again … "

Melissa, now that she is healed, together with her son has resumed her life and her work in a great way. While Maddox is back at school, as she always told on Instagram, she, after a session at the hairdresser, is back on set for an important job.

“I have a lot of good projects to carry out. Thursday I will be on the set and I can't wait, now everything starts all over again ".

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