Melissa Satta and Matteo Rivetti, it's official: the first photos together

Melissa Satta and Matteo Rivetti, it's official: the first photos together

Melissa Satta and Matteo Rivetti, a wonderful new couple: this is confirmed by some "stolen" shots in Milan (after the former tissue's denial)

From Belen-Stefano to Satta-Boateng: the couples that broke out in 2020 (and new loves)

The relationship between Melissa Satta and Matteo Rivetti is now official. The weekly Oggi has exclusively published photos depicting the happy couple in Milan and which leave no more doubts on what until now had only been an alleged flirtation, promptly denied by the former tissue.

The indiscretion was leaked for the very first time in December 2020 on Chi, the weekly directed by Alfonso Signorini. On that occasion, Melissa responded to the gossip with a video in the stories of Instagram, in which she denied the story told on the pages of the newspaper without "if" and without "but". After all, it was a very turbulent moment for the former tissue, fresh from (difficult) separation from the footballer Kevin Prince Boateng after nine years. A marriage from which little Maddox was born in 2014, a son loved by two parents who are no longer together but have done everything to find a meeting point, solely for his good.

Melissa Satta has always been very reserved about her private life and that scoop on Matteo Rivetti had not exactly gone down. The former tissue recently had another very hard reaction to a gossip published by Today, which suggested a hypothetical rapprochement with Stefano De Martino, former husband of Belen Rodriguez and presenter of Tonight Everything is Possible.

The gossip about Matteo Rivetti, on the contrary, is anything but hypothetical and we must acknowledge Chi who had seen us for a long time. To confirm the love story after just a few months were the paparazzi of Today, with a few shots that are enough to show a happy and in love couple. Not only for the first time do you see Melissa and Matteo together, but they do not mind holding effusions and smiling hugs. At one point, even what seems like a sweet kiss escapes.

Matteo Rivetti is not a gossip character, on the contrary he is totally foreign to the world of entertainment and its mechanisms. Yet, perhaps a little naively, he smiles at the cameras while Satta appears a little more annoyed by their presence. It is certainly a golden couple that formed between the former tissue and the entrepreneur, scion of one of the largest Italian companies currently in existence.

Matteo nicknamed “Tia” by his friends, in fact, is the son of Carlo Rivetti, former owner of the Sportswear Company to which the famous clothing brand Stone Island belongs. Melissa Satta's new flame is a young, charming and extremely elegant man who seems genuinely excited to have her by his side. As they say, if they are roses they will bloom.

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