Men and women, Gemma reveals the background on her relationship with Giorgio

Men and Women: Gemma and Giorgio, the truth of ex-knight Alberto

During an interview, Gemma revealed some background of the story with Giorgio

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The story between Gemma Galgani and Giorgio Manetti seems not to have an end yet. In an exclusive interview with the weekly Mio, the Turin-born revealed some background of their history.

But let's start from the beginning. Gemma and Giorgio met last year in the studies of men and women. The two were together for a few months, then things started to fall. Gemma distanced herself from her beloved, but shortly afterwards she repented and tried to win him back. But unfortunately there was nothing to do.

Gemma tried them all, she also wrote a letter for Giorgio. But the situation never resolved. The Turin lady tried to start again, but Giorgio has always been his fixed nail. So after a few months of dating with other men and new acquaintances, Gemma gave an exclusive interview:

In those lines I really put all of myself, all my emotions. But when I read it, I found an ice barrier in front of it. I don't have an answer to this silence of his, one should ask Giorgio directly. But one thing I know: from the moment I put all of myself at his disposal, exposing myself without any defense, he replied coldly and indifference. I stopped asking myself questions about his behavior. The sentences and ways he used really put the word once and for all. I wondered for too long why he didn't answer me.

During the interview, Gemma Galani also talked about her relationship with Marco Firpo. For a few months the man attended the Turin area, but then everything vanished into thin air:

It started as a burst of fresh air, full of momentum and enthusiasm. It was very important to me because it represented the beginning of a new phase in my life. But then his attentions towards me have waned, until he completely disappeared. Many beautiful words, but few facts.

Despite this new disappointment, Gemma is still confident about the future and believes true love will come sooner or later.

And the fact of being men and women proves it. I think this can be a nice message for so many women who are no longer very young who are tempted to give up. Despite wrinkles and disappointments, the heart never ages. And love for each of us, at any age, could be around the corner. I hope that sooner or later there is also for me.

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