Men & Women, Tina Cipollari and suspicious greetings: it's a mystery about the return

Men & Women, Tina Cipollari and suspicious greetings: it's a mystery about the return

Men & Women, Tina Cipollari makes the fans suspicious: from greetings to Maria's confirmation, up to the mystery about returning to the dating show

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Could Tina Cipollari say goodbye to men and women next year? The indiscretion was launched by Nuovo TV and it seems that the historical columnist of Maria De Filippi could decide to look to the future in a different way. Over the course of the season, Mediaset’s show dating par excellence had already had to deal with Tina’s absence.

Riccardo Signoretti's magazine has now sown doubt and mystery: "Tina changes her life: for the love of Vincenzo Ferrara, she is ready to leave Men and Women and move to Florence". And Florence would not be a random destination: Vincenzo is a Florentine restaurateur and runs a well-known restaurant in the city. The vamp was a strong point of the show, with her quirky outfits, unforgettable looks and verve. The indestructible Tina, outspoken, always ready to do battle.

Recently, Men and Women has come to the end of the season: the tronists Samantha Curcio, Massimiliano Mollicone and Giacomo Czerny have chosen their respective partners. For the moment, it's summer time and the loves go on vacation: Blasting News had stated that, however, the new edition of the show is confirmed (obviously). And so did the commentators, Tina and Gianni.

But will it really be like that, or is there much more? In fact, Tina has already had to go through a move during the year: it is the reason why she missed several episodes of the program, sparking the doubts and questions of the fans. Would she therefore be ready to start a new chapter in her life, and this time towards Florence, as stated on Nuovo Tv?

The strange greetings of Tina Cipollari during the last episode have placed even more emphasis on the issue: in addition to having thanked Maria De Filippi for the opportunity to be present at U&D, she was keen to praise and greet the staff and editorial board. Almost a farewell tone, a kind of farewell from what has been a pillar of his life for so long.

Of course, if Tina were to really leave Men and Women, the dating show would be forced to deal with a heavy absence. Together with Gianni Sperti, he is somewhat the symbol of the program: over the years, his fights against the lady Gemma Galgani have been practically iconic. Maria would therefore find herself without one of her spearheads. His pungent irony and cutting comments would certainly make him lose that polish that, in the end, like it or not, has always distinguished U&D.

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