Metabolic gym to increase muscle mass and metabolism

from Giulia Calefato (fitness instructor, mom and creator of the blog)

If you want to burn calories even after training when you are at restput into practice the metabolic gym workout that I show you in the photos below, performed with doctor Ivan Lurgo, dietician and fitness coach. The goal of training, which also uses weights, is to increase muscle mass. The latter, in fact, needs a lot of energy, a factor that helps to increase the basal metabolism and leads to consuming calories even when you are not exercising. What are you waiting for? Try the workout, to be performed at least 3 times a week, combined with 40 minutes of walking and proper nutrition.

Squat for glutes and quadriceps267044

Standing, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, turn your toes slightly outward and holds a 3 kg dumbbell (to intensify the exercise), flexing the elbows. Very slowly, bend at your knees without lifting your heels, until your thighs are parallel to the floor as much as possible. Straighten your legs and repeat for 30 “. Remember that when you flex your knees go in the direction of your foot and breathing is slow and controlled. The squat is one of the most effective exercises for promoting lean mass gain in the lower body. Plus, it involves some of the larger muscles (glutes and quadriceps). After a 20 “break, move on to the next exercise.

Rowing machine for the great dorsal267045

Slip the elastic under your feet and grab the ends, with your arms stretched out to either side of your torso. Bend your knees a little, flex your torso slightly forward, maintaining the natural curvature of your back and brings the elastic band under tension. He approaches and lowers the shoulder blades, then pulls the band towards you by bending the elbows, without opening them to the side. Don’t lift your shoulders. With a controlled movement, return to the starting position and repeat for 30 “. Remember: the bands have different resistances, based on the color: choose it suitable for your level of shape. Training the lats is the second step to increase lean mass and burn more even at rest. With this exercise you strengthen your back and improve your posture. After a 20 “break, switch to push ups.

Push ups for triceps and pecs267046

Starting from a standing position, kneel down and place your hands on the ground, under your shoulders. He lifts his feet if you want by crossing his ankles. Contract your abdomen to keep your back aligned. From here, inhaling, bend your elbows and lower your torso towards the floor, keeping the elbows close to the body. Then, exhaling, push on your hands and straighten your arms. Repeat for 30 “. This exercise strengthens the pecs and defines the upper body. It also involves the deltoid (which wraps the shoulders) and triceps, the back of the arm. Pause for 20” before performing the last one. exercise.

Book crunch for the abdominals267047

Sitting, bend your knees to 90 °, lifting them and placing your hands on the ground, behind your back. Tilt your torso slightly back to stabilize balance. Contract your abs and, at the same time, bring your knees to your chest, as if you wanted to close yourself up like an accordion. Then move them away, always remaining with your legs raised. Repeat the exercise for 30 “. The toning exercises of the abdominals not only define the waistline: they also prevent lower back pain. Strong muscles, in fact, support and protect the spine and stabilize the pelvis. After a 20” break, repeat the whole circuit 3 more times (4 in total).

(Photo by Norman Rinaldi. Location: Sheraton Malpensa Milan)

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