Michael Bublé, the long-awaited announcement: “My son is cured of cancer”

Michael Bublé, the long-awaited announcement: "My son is cured of cancer"

The Italian-born singer-songwriter has announced the complete recovery of his son Noah from pancreatic cancer, which had struck him when he was only 3 years old in 2016

Michael Bublé is back with a new album and with an important announcement: his son Noah is cured of his cancer. The boy, who fell ill in 2016, is now well and has signed the first single of his father’s new job, at just 8 years old. The singer and his wife, Luisana Lopilato, also have two other children and are expecting the fourth. Michael feels ready to go back to work, this time with a regained lightness.

Michael Bublé: “My son Noah is healed”

The long-awaited announcement came “My son Noah is healed, he is fine now” Michael Bublé says tearfully. The statement came during his first interview via Zoom to present his new record, Higher, in a worldwide release on March 25th.

The singer already defines it as his best job of his career: “With this record I learned that I can also do something light, fresh, I can still amaze my audience and make them cheer up, and above all experience this new mood in first person. I really needed it very much ”.

The artist explains that when his previous work, Love, came out in 2018, he wasn’t quite ready to let go, he was still piling on the pain of his son’s illness. “I was still taking the blow, my wife saved me. I realized that I’m not special and that bad things can happen to anyone. Now, on the other hand, I have learned to let myself go, also thanks to the new record “.

Michael Bublé explains that in the latest analyzes, five years after the first diagnosis, little Noah is finally healed. “I cried for joy, now I am a happy man. My son and my family are finally doing well. For this I am grateful and grateful for life ”. The Italian-born singer-songwriter explains that this was a tough but important moment in his life, and that he changed him and defined his character.

The illness of Michael Bublé’s son

It was 2016 when little Noah, who was only three years old at the time, was diagnosed with liver cancer. The career and life of Michael Bublé and his wife, the Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato, tragically came to an end. The couple was strong, especially Luisana, to be next to Noah and their other two children, Vida Amber and Elias.

The child, fortunately already in remission since 2017, has undergone many treatments and has proved to be a little warrior. “I tattooed his name and that of my other children”, Michael Bublè says excitedly, who then makes an announcement: “Soon I will have to tattoo another one, because we are expecting the fourth child”.

We could define it the miracle of life, after exhausting years for their family, after the good news of the recovery of little Noah, Luisana Lopilato is once again pregnant. The Bublé family expands, which is why the singer-songwriter defines his record as an album of memories of his loved ones, because, he explains, his wife and his children are his first source of inspiration.

The idea of ​​the first single, Higher, was born from a tune that Noah sang in the shower, and for this reason the song bears his name in the credits.

Michael Bublè with his family on Instagram

Michael Bublé with his family on Instagram

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