Michelle Hunziker unveils the Romagna diet on Instagram after the post for Eros

Michelle Hunziker on vacation is close to her ex Eros Ramazzotti. But it also reveals its diet based on wraps and passatelli

Michelle Hunziker and her husband Tomaso Trussardi

Michelle Hunziker is enjoying her beach holidays with her daughters Sole and Celeste and mom Ineke.

Despite the light-hearted moment, the Swiss presenter does not fail to make her affection and support felt by her ex-husband Eros Ramazzotti who left with Marica Pellegrinelli after 10 years of love and two children.

After the moving message and a selfie at sunset on the beach, the beautiful Michelle reveals her Romagna diet in the Instagram Stories. The menu includes piadina, squacquerone and figs, passatelli in broth and ribs. A dinner with bows, truly Luculian. And the next day the Hunziker is ready to go back to the beach, even if – as documented – the sea is very rough.

While the presenter relaxes and delights the fans with her bikinis, it seems that the television commitments for the next season are already defined. Returning from the success of All Together Now, Michelle will return to the management of Striscia la Notizia and will be at the helm of the new format, Amici Vip. Apparently it was Maria De Filippi who wanted her in that role.

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