Michelle Obama, class is not water: she celebrates 58 years natural

Michelle Obama, class is not water: she celebrates 58 years natural

The former American First Lady thanked for the birthday wishes with a simple but meaningful video message

Soapy water, radiant, amused: this is how Michelle Obama celebrates her 58th birthday with the usual class. The imperative is to have fun: she shared a video on Instagram where she dances from sitting to the rhythm of Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday, obviously in front of a nice cream birthday cake – essential, but with some colorful details.

Michelle Obama’s celebrations

There is no room for frills: the former First Lady, now an established icon for women of all ages (including the very young), is smiling and amused as she is. Natural, without filters, not even a trace of makeup, hair pulled back by a simple black band. No particular outfits or gorgeous details, just a pair of pearl earrings.

It may seem like many news, not particularly interesting, yet it conveys a very important message for all of us: only the perfect moments are not worthy to be published, with a thousand filters and highly glossy details – even if social logic has accustomed us to hide every imperfection . Normal and delightful simplicity is also worthy of being shown and celebrated, especially when you spend a lifetime in the spotlight.

The message of Michelle Obama’s video

The intent of Michelle’s cheerful and amused message is also another: to thank all those who have dedicated a moment to her to wish her birthday. In fact, he writes:

Here is a sweet 58th! Thank you very much for your love demonstrations. Whether you’ve texted, emailed, or posted on social media, every birthday wish I received today meant a lot to me. I am so thankful to have so many people cheering for me. Can’t wait to see what next year has in store. 💕

And we are sure that he has received a cascade: is there perhaps a more beloved former First Lady? Her popularity on social networks grows exponentially over time thanks to her showing herself in a genuine and clean way, her biography always sells many copies, while the forecasts of the dem would see her as the perfect candidate for the 2024 American presidential elections. lawyer from Chicago affirms herself as a living icon: can we imagine how far she can go?

The romantic wishes of her husband Barack Obama

A very sweet message from his wife Barack Obama, former president of the United States, faithful companion of a life always present in the important moments of the family, could not be missing. As a caption to a romantic photo of the couple – embracing at sunset on the beach, with palm trees in the background and a cocktail in their hands – he wrote a simple dedication, in perfect Obama style, but full of meaning:

Happy birthday Michelle. My love, my partner, my best friend.

The dedication that we all dream of receiving after many years of daily life, with successes and difficulties, always passed side by side. No doubt about it: a birthday with all the trimmings, with all the love you need and a good dose of laughter in company. Is there anything better? We really think not: eternal romantics.

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