Moisturizing emulsion: what it is and why choose it. Which one to try

Moisturizing emulsion: what it is and why choose it. Which one to try

To keep your face well hydrated, a moisturizing emulsion cannot be missing from your beauty case. Choose a product with a light formula for a fresh and summer look

Welcome a new product to be included in your beauty case. The moisturizing emulsion is a product that you will not be able to do without, especially if you have problems with skin dryness: its formula is fresh and light and is designed to dull the skin, tone and elasticize it and above all to be easily absorbed. The plus is certainly the presence of thermal water, which refreshes even on the sunniest days and soothes chapped or reddened areas.

To nourish your skin you can choose a legendary product such as Moisturizing Soft Lotion from La Mer which, thanks to its extraordinary formula, penetrates deeply to rebuild hydration and strengthen the skin and counter the first signs of aging. Moisturizing Soft Lotion contains Miracle Broth ™, the elixir of cellular renewal that comes from the sea, designed to calm and protect the epidermis from environmental stresses, such as UV rays and free radicals. To this elixir is added the antioxidant effect of lime tea which gives the skin a luminous and tonic appearance: ideal for very dry skin.

If your wallet is not ready for an "epic" expense don't worry, there are equally good and accessible alternatives. One of the most competitive products on the market is Galénic's Aqua Infini Moisturizing Emulsion. This cream is perfect for combination skin as it contains a matting powder to avoid the shiny effect but at the same time gives the right amount of hydration.

The presence of a special ingredient called Fleur de Rocher or "plant of the resurrection", adds appeal to an already very effective formula. Coming from the heart of Mexico, this plant lives in a desert area that reaches extreme temperatures, with an important thermal excursion, but that manages to survive thanks to its "resurrection" mechanism that makes it grow again and be reborn even during long periods of drought. This plant is content with a few drops of morning dew to come back to life, get color and look more beautiful.

Galénic's master formulators have worked to convey this characteristic and to be able to replicate it on our skin. To revive your skin like the phoenix, just apply it on the face, neck and décollété every morning and then proceed with the usual beauty routine.

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