Monica Bellucci and the redemption of maturity: "Free to feel feminine"

Monica Bellucci and the redemption of maturity: "Free to feel feminine"

A Monica Bellucci without filters explains the value of feeling beautiful even after 50

Monica Bellucci changes her look (again) and is gorgeous

Beauty is a woman, at all ages. Monica Bellucci explains it well, who at 56 enjoys maturity without guilt and without giving up her femininity.

Free from the cliché of beauty who does not dance, the Umbrian actress is now one of the reference faces of cinema and fashion, with a long collaboration started in 1992 with Dolce & Gabbana which today also involves the eldest of the two daughters, Deva Cassel.

A natural beauty, hers, which continues to open the doors of cinema to her without the Sword of Damocles of the most unpleasant prejudice, that linked to age. Free from any aesthetic retouching, which does not chase but does not even condemn, Monica Bellucci has changed her professional priorities which she chooses also based on the advantages offered by maturity. In a recent interview with Repubblica, he said:

“In La befana vien di notte by Paola Randi, a film that we are shooting these days in Rome, they are a good witch who helps children. And he is certainly not young. The experience gained and a different physicality allow me to take on the role of characters that I would never have proposed before. I'm free to feel feminine ”.

Monica Bellucci's is a conquest of many, achieved after – for many years – some actresses have been precluded from accepting a role because they are too old in age. And no, it wasn't about society or cinema. This is an all-female goal, achieved thanks to a change of point of view that is only thanks to us women:

"It is the gaze of others and what we bring to ourselves that have changed: we are more independent and we have something to say even outside the home. But this happens very slowly even if there are already small openings. And it leaves people dead and wounded in the field ”.

As a mother, Monica Bellucci tried to be an example for her daughters – Deva and Leonie – making them understand that passion is the engine of every woman's life:

"More than speeches, the example counts: they saw me achieve my profession, they understood that having a passion is important because if you indulge it, it allows you to be happy".

An awareness, hers, which must also be a warning for all women who feel overwhelmed by the passage of time and who fear losing their femininity. We are mothers and women, but also actresses, managers and everything we choose to be despite the years softening our features and giving us a new and more fluid beauty. And on motherhood at all costs, he revealed:

“It goes for me, I don't think there is a precise rule. I have many friends who have chosen to express their femininity in another way and are equally happy. They have friendships, passions, interests. Then not everyone experiences motherhood in the same way ”.

Being a mother, however, completely changed her life:

"The passion for work and enthusiasm have remained unchanged, but I notice a certain healthy detachment: I think of them and less of me. Courage has grown with age because I am no longer fighting for myself but for something that is more important than me ".

The story we tell of ourselves is also the way in which others see us. And Monica Bellucci also reveals herself through her solid Umbrian roots, which she has never denied but only sprinkled – here and there – with a soft and recognizable French cadence.

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