More than sensitive: the most empathic signs of the zodiac “feel” everything

If you are one of the most empathic zodiac signs in the horoscope, we are sorry for you. It means that you are always very sensitive to everything and everyone while the others … well, they are not at all sensitive to you!

How many times have you happened to pick up vibrations strange in a situation but to force yourself, without following your instincts, for education or convenience?
Or, tell us how many other times have you regretted not having listened to your intuition and your sensitivity and then find yourself having to face consequences that you had already foreseen months in advance?
Well (or rather: badly), you may find yourself in ours ranking of the zodiac signs of today: ready to find out if you are there?

The most empathic zodiac signs of the horoscope: here is today’s ranking

If you’ve ever been with one little person empathicyou know that the chances of getting hurt are really very high.
It is probably true that opposites attract each other and this is the reason why, often, you have found yourself with partners. truly littlesensitivelet’s put it this way.

more empathic zodiac signs

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Our classification from today horoscope is dedicated to the most empathic zodiac signs to better understand who are the people who have an extremely developed sensitivity.
If you are there, you will finally have proof that you are not simplytoo muchemotional but that it is others who do not have the same way of approaching situations as you!
Better to know first, don’t you think?

Scorpio: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Scorpio they are generally very empathic people even if they don’t show it much.
Indeed, it is this dichotomy that often leads to Scorpio in trouble: everyone expects from them seriousness And coldness while the Scorpioon the other hand, they are very empathetic people!

By dint of feeling everyone’s problems, right on the skin, Scorpios become real Mister Wolf (from the movie Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino). They solve problems, no matter how and where!

Pisces: fourth place

Yes, dear Fish, you are only in fourth place on our ranking today. We knew you expected to be much higher on the empath chart!
This is not to say that you are not absolutely kind, empathetic and able to go into a lot connection with i feelings (others and yours).

THE Fish they are simply people not fully committed to helping others as we have often been led to believe! It is they who they choose towards which people be totally empathetic and, trust me, they don’t do it with everyone!

Cancer: third place

Even those born under the sign of Cancer are found in our horoscope ranking today, among the most empathic zodiac signs.
Dear CancerIt is true that you are extremely sensitive to sensations, feelings, situations and emotions but this it does not mean that you are always little angels!

THE Cancer they are people who cannot help but be truly “manipulators” thanks also to their empathy.
They read“The situations of others and are able to exploit them at will (not always, of course, but often). THE Cancerthen, they are empathic also and above all towards themselves: they take everything personally and they forgive a lot little.
(Hey, who knows they’re not in the ranking of the most resentful zodiac signs of the whole horoscope?).

Taurus: second place

They, too, on the borderline between empathy and irritability, i Bull are present in our ranking of the most empathic zodiac signs of the horoscope for their way of being always extremely sensitive.

A Bull he is able to change his whole attitude due to a negative vibration in the air.
Emotional and empaths even if they have a “stone” peel outside, i Bull they are people who generally help friends without problems.

They take on everyone’s problems, sometimes without even making it obvious, and they also end up suffering a lot.
Even if i Bull they do not show it, know that they are really very empathetic: take care of the relationship with They!

Aquarius: first place in the ranking of the most empathic zodiac signs of the whole horoscope

For the Aquarius being empathic is not a choice (but even if it is a solid reality, know that we did not want to mention that advertisement that has just flashed into your mind).
The Aquarius are people who tend naturally to to be of help to the others.

I’m healerspeople used to perceiving evil and trying to eradicate it, in any form appear.
For Aquarians, then, being empathic is pretty much second nature, something they can’t really give up.

Those born under this sign are very empathetic people, from whom you cannot hide anything (the most braggart zodiac signs, therefore, they have no escape). Be careful with the Aquarius: they are able to read inside you without you being able to do anything and, if you are not clear in your requests for help, they will help you as they decide!

Our horoscope rankings are to be regarded as pure and simple entertainment created by us for our readers solely and exclusively for fun.

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