Myrta Merlino and Marco Tardelli, the love story of the moment

Myrta Merlino e Marco Tardelli

From friendship that became love to the kiss on TV: the one between Myrta Merlino and Marco Tardelli is the love story of the moment

Myrta Merlino and Marco Tardelli could not be more in love. Protagonists of the love story of the moment, the former football player and the presenter exchanged a romantic kiss on TV during the L’Aria che Tira program. In fact, Merlino hosted her partner in her show to talk about his career and the relationship with Diego Armando Maradona. An interview that is anything but simple since the two protagonists, who have always been very reserved, did not hide a certain embarrassment.

“How should I introduce you, world champion? – Myrta asked her companion -. Can we call ourselves you? ". Marco Tardelli replied: "Let's talk about you, we are both very embarrassed, it is useless to deny it to you". At the end of the chat a kiss then arrived. A romantic gesture that tells an important love story, lived away from the spotlight and becoming more solid every day.

Journalist and television author born in 1968, Myrta found great love in Marco Tardelli. 66 years and a past as a great champion in the world of football, the sportsman has stolen the heart of the host. The two today live a mature and conscious relationship, made of passion, but also of great respect and mutual support. He, who admits to feeling serene only among his Pantelleria olive trees and has repeatedly defined himself as “insecure and shy”, has found in Merlin the woman of his life.

A love, theirs, born of a friendship that has turned into something more. "She has long been a friend – Tardelli confessed to Corriere della Sera -. Then, four years ago, everything changed. It is the love of my life: a very deep bond. Never had such a mature and aware relationship. Myrta is a solid woman: she helped me grow. Said at my age it can be funny, also because I'm older than her, but that's the way it is. I hope I did the same with Myrta ”.

Tardelli has two children: Sara, a journalist, born from the bond with his first wife, and Nicola, the result of the relationship with Stella Pende. Merlino, on the other hand, has three children: the twins Pietro and Giulio Tucci, from a previous union, and Caterina from the former Domenico Arcuri. With Marco, the presenter has rediscovered the serenity she had lost: "If at work I have never had a stroke of luck, because I have earned everything I have done – she confessed to Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni -, with Marco I can say to have made up with interest. I met him when I was 47 and meeting love at this age, when I hadn't even found it at 18, is luck. He is patient, generous ”.

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