Nadia Toffa, the indelible memory and the gift she would have wanted

Nadia Toffa, the indelible memory and the gift she would have wanted

On 10 June Nadia Toffa would have turned 42: the messages of greetings and the words of her mother

Nadia Toffa would have turned 42, but if a disease took her away too soon from her family, friends and her many fans, her memory is indelible in the hearts of all the people who loved her or who have her. known and appreciated thanks to television.

Nadia Toffa was born on 10 June 1979 in Brescia and today she would have turned 42, most likely without great celebrations as her mother Margherita told in an interview with the Giornale di Brescia, to which she explained that Nadia did not particularly love this day. : “He celebrated with sobriety with his family and with friends, sometimes at home, sometimes at the restaurant”. In the same context, the mother also told what would have been the gift she would have wanted on the occasion of this day: a donation to the Foundation in her name which – as you can read on the site – is responsible for raising funds to be allocated to research for treatment. cancer and other diseases, but also to support people in need and to promote projects in disadvantaged areas. Special greetings were dedicated to her on the Foundation's Facebook page: “Today is your 42nd birthday: and we want to remember you like this, sunny as only you knew how to be. Happy birthday Warrior! "

But there were also many messages published, by those who knew and appreciated her both on a human and professional level, on the occasion of what should have been her 42 birthday. Starting from Le Iene, the broadcast of Italia 1 in which she worked for a long time and which never fails to remember her. They shared a photo of her on Instagram with the words: "We miss you every day, today even more" and in the caption of the image they added: "Happy birthday Nadia". A tulip meadow is the shot chosen by Alessia Marcuzzi who added two hashtags: “Per te” and “Auguri Nadia”, accompanied by a heart. And then the Stories like the one shared by Roberta Rei who published an image of the journalist with the words "Greetings sun". Giulio Golia, on the other hand, shared an image that portrays them together, smiling, while Nadia Toffa adjusts them to tie accompanied by the words: "Best wishes tense".

Many comments and messages also from fans: a tangible sign that the memory of Nadia Toffa has remained indelible.

Instagram post Le Iene

The Instagram post of Le Iene

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