Nail primer: what it is and what it is used for

Nail primer: what it is and what it is used for

Find out all about the cosmetic product that makes the manicure gel more beautiful and lasting

It is one of the most loved and talked about products of recent times: the primer is a cosmetic product that allows you to create a perfect base on which to make your own make up. You will have heard of that for the face – better to choose it without silicones – and perhaps the one for the eyes and lips, but there is also that for the nails, which promises to significantly improve the aesthetic result of the manicure with gel or semi-permanent polish and extend its duration.

Nail primer: what it is

The primer is also called "adherence mediator" because it favors the evaporation of the water present on the nail surface and eliminates the traces of grease that can cause problems of adhesion of the gel enamel on the nail, thus compromising the final result . It is a transparent liquid that can be found in different formulations, the most recent are more delicate and have a less intense odor.

Nail primer: how to apply

The nail primer should be applied after passing the buffer and after removing all residual dust. It should be handled with care: apply with a thin brush making uniform strokes and applying a little product at a time. Caution is necessary because the primer should not touch cuticles and cuticles. After a few minutes, you can proceed with the manicure, applying the reinforcing base, the gel and the top coat.

Nail primer: who can use it

The use of nail primers is not always essential. It is useful when the nail is very smooth and shiny, and therefore is not in the best condition for a manicure gel, and is also recommended for those who often have their hands in contact with water. Those with temporarily weak nails, perhaps because they are taking drugs, can opt for an acid-free, and therefore more delicate, formula. In any case, the advice is to rely on an expert who can assess the condition of the nail and choose the most suitable product for its condition.

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