Nek, after the accident, returns home and reunites with his family


The worst is over for Nek, who after the domestic accident and the long operation on his hand, has finally returned home.

All is well that ends well. The bad adventure that recently involved Nek has fortunately come to an end. In fact, the singer has finally returned home and shared a video on his Instagram profile where he thanked all the fans for the support received in these difficult days:

You helped me recover and get out of the hospital, it's really true: love works miracles. Thanks for your love affection.

The Emilian singer-songwriter had frightened everyone following the post communicating his hospital stay, but now they can all breathe a sigh of relief. The worst is over.

Nek underwent a long operation on his hand that lasted 10 hours, due to a domestic accident suffered in recent days. It is the singer himself who explains it directly from his home. Now for him it is time for rehabilitation which he will have to undergo to complete the full recovery of his hand, still visibly wrapped in an "implant" on his arm.

The singer and multi-instrumentalist, back from a big scare, appeared in the video posted on social networks serene and happy, lucky in having the support of his wife Patrizia Vacondio, married in 2006 and to whom he had dedicated words of love:

My great love. With you close even this bad situation is a walk. I love you infinitely.

A difficult experience that Nek was able to face and overcome with the support of his better half, the numerous fans who have dedicated an infinite amount of supportive thoughts to him on social media, and the sweet daughters Martina Imarisio Neviani and Beatrice Maria Neviani, born in 2010 .

On the scene since 1986, Filippo Neviani, aka Nek, in his long career has sold over 10 million records all over the world. In May 2020 he released his fifteenth studio album “My Favorite Game: Part Two“.

Now a long rehabilitation process is expected for Nek, in order to recover one hundred percent the functionality of the hand involved in the accident, the wish is to see him return soon to play bass, guitar, keyboard and drums, all instruments that the Emilian artist plays very well.

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