New puppy in the family? Here are the apps to train your dog

New puppy in the family?  Here are the apps to train your dog

Have you decided to adopt a pet? Or a little dog? Here are the apps you need to download on your smartphone to train it better. Let’s find out the best

If you’ve made the decision to adopt a dogthat is puppy or adult you must know that it is important to be able to train him better.

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Undoubtedly, the more the dog he will be younger the more malleable he will be and like a child he will be a sponge that will absorb everyone your teachings.

Training a dog, whether it is a simple sit command or a way to teach them to live life at home, it is always important to rely on professionals such as vheterinary behaviorists or trainers.

But sometimes even using applications can make it easier for you in this life path next to a dog.

The best applications to train your dog

Training your dog is a fun experience and exciting, but it’s not always easy. Depending on theyour dog’s age, breed and personalityyou may find it difficult to do behave your dog.

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Let’s find out together the best applications to learn training methods and to start a behavioral path, together.

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Dogo – train your dog

Dogo’s Dog Training & Clicker App is a program of all-in-one training which comes with a built-in clicker.

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Using the app is very simple. First, once downloaded, it will have you respond to a series of questions about your dog (race, age, habits) to be able to create a training program suitable for eyour dog’s needs.

The app offers five training programs For Dogs: New Dog, Basic Obedience, Stay Active, Strengthen Your Friendship and Little Helper. If you’re just looking for the basics of training, you’ll want to complete the New Dog and Basic Obedience courses.

These programs help your dog learn commands, tricks, mundane training and how to walk on a leash; the other courses are best for more advanced training.

In addition to the courses, the app also has a lot of fun and interactive features. Comes with different games you can try with your dogas well as a community similar to Instagram which you can use to share photos of yours four-legged friend.

Dog Health

Dog Health, it differs from the second in that its purpose is to monitor health and children your dog’s commitmentslet it be one veterinary visit or one medicine to take.

Dog Health app


It is a free app that allows you to easily remember the commitments that have to do with the management of your dog: scheduled veterinary visits, vaccines, recalls, pesticide treatments, scheduled administrations, interventions, routine medicines.

After downloading Dog Health on your Android or iOS device simply enter all the data of yours four-legged friend (age, weight, height, name, veterinary visits made and scheduled). It is a kind of reminder to bring of clicks!

GoodPup – Dog Training

GoodPup is a great app to train yours pet because it does not only provide programs training but puts at your disposal a dog trainer. To never be alone!



This app configures you with a personal dog trainer with whom you can talk via weekly video chats. If you have any questions during the rest of the week, you can use the app’s built-in text chat to talk to the own trainer.

GoodPup adapts training sessions to your dog’s needs. When you first install the app, GoodPup will ask you several questions about your dog’s age, what commands he knows, and what specific behavioral issues he has. Answering these tips helps GoodPup create a personalized course for your dog.

The app download is free but you have to pay a weekly subscription for training sessions with the canine personal trainer.

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