Nicoletta Larini, Stefano Bettarini's girlfriend, is in hospital: the message on Instagram

Nicoletta Larini, Stefano Bettarini's girlfriend, is in hospital: the message on Instagram

Nicoletta Larini was operated on for tonsillectomy: Bettarini's support and her current condition

Nicoletta Larini, Stefano Bettarini's current girlfriend, is in hospital: on her Instagram profile, she shared a shot after the tonsillectomy operation. His fame increased following his participation in Temptation Island Vip in 2018 together with Stefano. Nicoletta had to operate on her tonsils, which in recent times caused her continuous problems.

In his post, he explained that "The tonsillectomy operation went well (here I was about to go to the operating room). I'm still half sedated now. See you soon, a kiss to everyone ”. He wanted to reassure his followers and fans of the couple: Stefano and Nicoletta are in fact very loved and collect a lot of support from the public.

Subsequently, Nicoletta posted many stories, where, with an open heart, she told herself and thanked everyone for the messages and the support received. "Now I have to start the healing phase, aware of the harm it would do, but these tonsils had to be operated on for a whole series of problems they gave me, including infection in the blood".

Born in 1994, Larini currently works as a fashion designer and has followed a very advanced course of study at the IED in Florence, as well as at Nottingham Trent University. His father, Nicola Larini, worked as a driver for Formula 1.

The operation to which she has undergone, tonsillectomy, is in itself routine, however, the post-operative phase is not at all easy to deal with, especially for any complications, as well as for the difficulty in swallowing that may arise in the following days.

Despite everything, however, he still chose to have surgery: at his side, as always, Stefano Bettarini, so the age difference (22 years) has never been a problem or a stumbling block: now the two have been together for some time . Their participation in Temptation Island Vip also went well: the bond has strengthened and still lasts great today.

The 27-year-old will now have to follow the post-operative path. Bettarini, for his part, has decided to share a story on Instagram, dedicated to his girlfriend, in which there is a photo of the two of them and an inscription: "Come back soon".

Nicoletta Larini Instagram post

Nicoletta Larini shares a pre-operation shot on Instagram

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