No english, no job: what to do before moving to New York

How to find work in New York

The blogger Cristina Villa tells us about life in the Big Apple

by Cristina Villa

If they had told me ten years ago that I would move to New York I would probably have laughed – not least: because although I was studying languages ​​at university and I felt pretty sure of my level of English, as the saying goes, between saying and doing is in the middle of the sea. In fact, in my case there was the Atlantic in the middle – and an ocean of misunderstandings and endless linguistic gaffes.

Yes, because you have to know that the first week in New York was, in hindsight, a succession of moments that Zelig misses – of those moments that if you tell them everyone thinks that you are making the joke, not that they happened to you really! As an example: first day in the Big Apple, I go out and visit my new city, breathing the sultry air typical of summer New York. Thirsty, I enter a deli and ask for a bottle of water. In response, I am given yogurt. Now. I. Graduated in languages ​​with 110 and honors, she moved to New York for an internship in a public relations and communication agency. Yes, communication. She asks for water and is given yogurt. In short, the first impact with New York would say that it went badly, very badly.

Then I recovered, I acclimatized, after seven years I made a living in English, including a career in English, friends in English and boyfriend in English. As I did, many ask me. How do I move to the United States, many ask me, through the site that I take care of Well, the first thing you need to do, even before looking for work, even before booking a flight, even before looking for accommodation: learn English well. Take a course, which always helps, but above all surround yourself with English, launch yourself into the English world and try to survive. If you can't take a month abroad, don't worry: read books in English, watch movies in English, join groups where you know there will be foreigners. Splurge. Talk. Make mistakes. Get yogurt. Only then can you start thinking about moving to New York. Because you know – no English, no party. But above all … no English, no job!

Cristina is a crazy visionary and idealist who has lived and worked permanently in New York since 2007, where she deals with Communication for Eataly USA, writes and collaborates with various Italian newspapers and manages the blog An optimist by nature, self-proclaimed writer and avid reader of international blogs, Cristina is always looking for the perfect experience. When you don't see her hanging around with a camera, she is usually in an Italian bar to bake brioches and cappuccinos, or in a Japanese to drown her sorrows (practically non-existent) in a cup of Ramen Noodles.
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