No stress parties: routine evening relaxation to get ready for Christmas

No stress parties: routine evening relaxation to get ready for Christmas

This year there are no last-minute gift anxieties or boring dinners: we offer three rituals to enjoy some time for you and find yourself beautiful

Try taking a survey among your friends: almost all of them will tell you that they love Christmas and its atmosphere, but also that it's too stressful. So why not change pace? The stress of Christmas is the consequence of the exaggerated rhythms that we impose on ourselves in the search for gifts, in the organization of lunches and dinners, in the desire to always be at the top. And when not everything goes as we would have wished, here lies the disappointment.

Living a different Christmas is possible, and it's also very pleasant! And the secret to doing it is very simple: before doing something – anything, from going shopping to inviting a friend to dinner – ask yourself if you are doing it because it makes you happy or because you want to live up to expectations that do you think others have. If the motivation is the latter, forget it, you will gain in rest and good humor.

To experience a truly memorable Christmas, this year gives yourself a few more moments of wellbeing: to get to parties with a smile, in fact, it takes very little, and everyone will see you more relaxed and radiant. We recommend a relaxing routine for the nights before Christmas Eve, let's bet you will enjoy it and learn to treat yourself by carving out ten minutes for yourself every night?

The first routine relaxation is a relaxing bath and detox. First of all, let the warm water flow into the bathtub and dissolve half a glass of coarse salt and five drops of a relaxing essential oil such as citrus fruit, neroli, lavender, chamomile or ylang ylang. Meanwhile, gently brush the skin of the whole body with a dry brushing brush, starting from the soles of the feet. Now immerse yourself in the water and enjoy ten minutes of silence, before concluding your ritual with your favorite moisturizer or nourishing cream.

The second relaxation routine is all about your face. After removing make-up, gently tap the eye contour with the tips of the fingertips, moving up towards the eyebrows. Now you can apply your favorite face mask or make a do it yourself in argan oil. For a firming effect, instead, you can combine two tablespoons of oats with four tablespoons of natural yogurt and leave on for fifteen minutes. Finish your routine with your favorite night cream.

Very little is missing at Christmas: why not dedicate your routine relaxation to hair? If you have a tendency to dandruff, don't give up a scalp scrub that will make you feel fresh immediately, then apply a super nourishing mask, maybe do it yourself. If you have dry hair you can mix the flesh of a banana with three tablespoons of sweet almond oil. Apply with a wide-toothed comb and leave on for ten minutes before proceeding with shampoo and conditioner.

If you have greasy hair, instead, you can combine natural yoghurt and three drops of sage essential oil, indicated to reduce the production of sebum by the scalp. Alternatively, you can combine powdered clay with a few tablespoons of rose water to take advantage of the detoxifying qualities of clay and the astringent qualities of rose water. Leave a quarter of an hour in the mail and then proceed with washing using a mild shampoo.

And now you are ready to experience the holidays in beauty and, above all, without stress.

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