Noemi, the letter to herself for 40 years on Instagram: pride and resilience


For her birthday, the singer dedicated beautiful words to herself that would serve as an example to many other women

Noemi, all his San Remo: style evolutions (Today she is more beautiful than ever)

Noemi, all his San Remo: style evolutions (Today she is more beautiful than ever)

For a woman reaching the age of 40 is an important step. It is a moment in which thoughts are inevitably collected and taken stock, you think back to who you were as a child and who you became. The same happened for Noemi, who reached this milestone and faced it with her usual dazzling smile, but also with some reflections.

The singer has published a post on Instagram with a long dedication to herself from many years ago, retracing dreams, uncertainties, fears, pains and satisfactions. With today’s conspavelozza and a pinch of benevolence and tenderness for that little girl with big eyes who did not know what awaited her.

Noemi, the self-dedicated letter for her 40th birthday

“Dear Veronica,
I see those slightly frightened eyes of a child and I feel immense affection, I would like to overcome time and space and give you a caress – begins the singer – I will not tell you lies, it will not be easy.
They will not always be carefree years and life is not like in cartoons in the morning in front of cookies before going to school.
You will happen to suffer; you will know injustice, detachment, cruelty, misunderstanding and you will discover that even those who love you to death can make you feel bad.
But the night doesn’t last forever. This journey will also give you unexpected happiness, unbridled passions, endless friendships and bonds that will overcome time and space “.

So Noemi summarizes some of the moments and memories of her life, from the most beautiful to the most painful, without resentment or anger, only with the maturity of someone who has lived and knows that in one way or another everything is overcome and that, lick the wounds, it goes on.

“You will find that those who humiliated you and those who mocked you were not right in the end, they simply did not understand you.
You will be strong, you will resist and you will pursue your dreams against everything and everyone.
You will fail but you will get up; you will lose your body and your soul but you will find them years later stronger than before.
But one thing I hope it never changes: your eyes, the look full of dreams with which you look at the world.
Thank you because you are always inside me and show me the way.
It will be a nice journey and you will see that in the end you will also be able to make sense of this story.
Happy birthday, little one, happy birthday to me “.

Thus, the choice of combining her photo as a child with that of the smiling and happy woman she is today is even more meaningful and rich in value. Two sides of the same coin.

Noemi, for the 40th anniversary of Sanremo

Noemi will have the opportunity to celebrate her 40 years surrounded by friends and colleagues in Sanremo: she will participate in the 72nd edition of the Italian Song Festival, hosted once again by Amadeus, and promises to be once again among the protagonists of the event with the song Look down, a love song that with its voice reaches straight to the heart. But who knows that in that “looking down” there is also a sort of personal balance sheet and that those words cannot somehow also address itself.

Noemi post Instagram

Noemi’s post on Instagram for her 40th birthday

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