Ornella Muti: "My daughter positive at Covid, I'm worried"


Ornella Muti reveals that she is worried about her daughter Carolina, who tested positive for Coronavirus

Ornella Muti: her life in photos, between cinema, loves and passions

Ornella Muti confesses and reveals that she is worried about her daughter Carolina, who tested positive for Coronavirus. The diva spoke live on Domenica In, revealing that she was very scared. In fact, the second child of the actress is in isolation after being infected by the virus.

The fruit of Ornella Muti's love for Federico Fachinetti, Carolina is the mother of two children and is very attached to her brothers Andrea and Naike Rivelli. “I'm terrified, you can't live like this – explained the diva to Mara Venier -. I am very distressed by this situation, it is a stress I feel every day. What terrifies me most is that Carolina, of all our family, was the most prudent and careful to respect the anti-contagion measures. I am afraid for myself and for my children, it is a great pain to know her far away and not be able to reach her ”.

Ornella then announced that she will be vaccinated. "I will get vaccinated and I can't wait – he explained -. I would like to get vaccinated otherwise you can't work or live ”. All her thoughts are now for her daughter, but above all for her grandchildren Alessandro and Giulia. For Carolina Fachinetti this is yet another very hard test to overcome. About a year ago, in fact, Ornella Muti's daughter had lost her partner, Andrea Longhi.

Alessandro and Giulia's father died in February 2020 after a hard fight against a brain tumor. A terrible mourning that Carolina had faced with great strength and courage, surrounded by the affection of her family who never left her alone. Ornella Muti has always had a special and very strong bond with her children: Naike Rivelli, Carolina and Andrea Fachinetti.

“The greatest pain was seeing my daughter Carolina feel sick – she revealed some time ago, guest of Today is another day – her partner has gone away due to a terrible illness. In those days we rediscovered the centrality of the family, we understood that everyone could always count on the other. It is very difficult for me to share pain, it is difficult to share normality, but I feel normal […] I cannot talk about pain and drama because I would die immediately, but for me to see my daughter so touched is very hard. Seeing my grandchildren is hard, but it gives you the strength to understand the importance of family ".

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