Over 45, how to unblock your metabolism and get back in shape

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+2 kg! In a week! Yet, I just went to an aperitif, then of course that birthday dinner … In short, after 45 we enter a different phase. The metabolism it engages the reverse gear and any deviation is transformed into a progressive number on the scale.

You want to say: “I’ll take a short time for a few days and get back to my ideal weight”. With the arrival of the pre-menopause And menopause every food whim is paid with interest and the risk is that, after a certain threshold, one gets the impression that everything is useless, now there is no turning back.

But no: we asked for Ascanio Polimeni, neuroendocrinologist in Rome and Milan, to explain to us the reasons why around the age of 50 it is so difficult to lose excess pounds and how to run for cover. And the solution is there.

Why at a certain age it takes a week to gain 3 kg and it takes months to lose them?

«The first cause is the hormonal changewhich already appears in the premenopause, between the ages of 44-45. The drop in progesterone and estrogen triggers a series of symptoms such as insomnia, decreased desire, vasomotor flushes, mood swings and changes in body composition: women begin to take on the characteristic “apple shape” , that is, they tend to accumulate fat on the abdomen, the waist widens, the legs become thinner and the needle of the scale tends to rise. Associated with these changes there may also be a slowdown in thyroid function.

L’hypothyroidism it is one of the main causes of difficulty in losing weight. Among the symptoms, in addition to the ease of gaining weight, there is swelling of the eyes in the morning, a high thermoregulation, continuously sweaty hands and feet and water retention. If within 3 years you begin to gain 5 kg, it is absolutely time to turn around.

How? Not only by abandoning a sedentary lifestyle and a high-calorie diet, but by using a more “smart” diet that includes effective supplements (such as those based on saffron, chromium and berberine) and one targeted diet, such as that of cronofasting or 16/8an effective food method that can be followed easily ».

How does the 8/16 diet work?

“There cronofasting diet consists of dividing the day into 2 parts: in an 8-hour window you can eat, in the other 16 you must not touch food. This is a particularly effective method of losing weight in a relatively short time. An achievable goal? 6 kg in two months. This system is useful for regulating the functioning of hormones that tend to make us fat such as insulin and leptin.

The first, produced by the pancreas, carries glucose into cells, liver, muscles and fat. If it works poorly, glucose is not picked up by the liver and muscle but only by adipose tissue and fat is formed. Leptin, on the other hand, is a hormone that is generated by adipose tissue in greater quantities when we gain weight: its regulation allows us to lose weight.

Furthermore, this “mimadigunoIs also capable of reactivate the functionality of the microbiota, the intestinal bacterial flora essential for maintaining a healthy weight. Genetic tests also help us today to increase the effectiveness of the cronofasting diet: by studying the patient’s DNA we can understand the most suitable type of nutrients and develop a “unique” diet, nutrigenetic precisely, because it is tailor-made for the kit genetic of the patient.

Finally, to encourage the loss of extra pounds, we have innovative molecules at our disposal: they are hormones, such as liraglutide and semaglutide that are injected under the skin and act rather quickly on the body’s hormonal imbalances “.

Why is fasting healthy and even has an anti-aging effect?

“In the absence of food we begin to burn glucose, then the reserve fats, which are transformed into ketone bodies. The latter activate neuropeptides with a powerful anti-inflammatory effect (also protective in the prevention of neurovegetative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s) on the entire organism, and in turn trigger the metabolic chains that defend cells from oxidative stress. This is why fasting also has a role in the prevention of cancer and, last but not least, a notable anti-aging effect.

In short, being stint promotes cell renewal, and the benefits are seen not only on the waistline, but also in a younger and brighter appearance. Finally, we must also calculate the simplicity factor. The failure coefficient of diets increases as a function of complexity: we have noticed that, after a certain period of time, patients no longer want to pay attention to weights, food combinations and the execution of recipes.

The cronofasting diet eliminates all these drawbacks. After an evening of cheating it is enough to take a detox day, drinking only unsweetened liquids and herbal teas and that’s it. Compliance therefore, the ability to maintain a constant diet over time, is clearly superior to traditional diets “.


Fasting for 16 hours and concentrating meals on the remaining 8 is a rule that can be challenging at first. «As for those who climb to high altitudes, this scheme must be approached gradually. It’s a question of training », Ascanio Polimeni warns.

You can start with a smaller fasting window, for example 10 hours of eating and 14 of fasting. For example, you have breakfast at 10, lunch at 13.30 and dinner at 20. As you get used to it, you can get to the ideal table: breakfast at 11, a fruit-based snack at 12, lunch at 14 and dinner at 19. Everyone can then adjust it according to their needs, observing the fasting / food ratio. This system is particularly suitable for premenopausal and menopausal women and can be followed for two months, aiming for an average loss of 6 kilos.

The advantage is that you can then continue to maintain a healthy weight by introducing the semi-fasting for 2-3 days a week at alternating periods, or, in the case of particularly high-calorie occasions such as Christmas holidays, you can reintroduce 16/8 for a month. I also remember that on Sunday lunch is free, and that within the week there are two light days, which include a diet based on fruit and vegetables ”, concludes the expert.

The ok foods that help you lose fat mass

The following foods perform an effective anti-inflammatory, protective and anti-aging action on our cells by promoting the acceleration of metabolic processes.

Turmeric. Curcumin facilitates the functioning of the hormone leptin.

Ginger. Contains gingerols which activate fat burning.

Red wine. The resveratrol content improves the body’s metabolic activity.

Pomegranate. The anthocyanins that this fruit abounds in improve insulin sensitivity.

Bitter chocolate. Thanks to caffeoyldopamine, it burns fat.

Blueberries. Mirtillin increases the activity of adiponectin, which promotes weight loss.

Chili pepper. It is rich in capsaicin, which stimulates fat metabolism.

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